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she told herself she wanted to make a website and wanted to make her voice as acharacter and she told her self she will do it. so she did. kaitlyn wilcox tx plano dallas fortworth

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What nicknames does Barbie Blank go by?

Barbie Blank goes by Kelly, and Kelly Kelly.

What is the birth name of Barbie Kelly?

Barbie Kelly's birth name is Barbara Ann Kelly.

When was Barbie Kelly born?

Barbie Kelly was born on April 28, 1975, in Belascoin, Spain.

What is WWE kelly kelly surname?

Barbie Blank

Does Barbie blank have a screen name?

Kelly kelly

Who is kelly kellys husband?

kelly kelly [barbie blank] isn't married.

Who does the voice of Barbie?

Kelly Sheridan. She has voiced Barbie in many of the movies.

Does Barbie have Babies?

They keep changing it, saying Kelly is her daughter, then Kelly is her sister, but other than that, she doesn't. There was Barbie Happy Family Pregnant Barbie, so you answer is yes.

Who is the voice of Barbie in the animated movies?

Kelly Sheridanit's a diffrent girl every timeKelly SheridanMost of the barbie voices are by kelly sheridan.

Who voiced Barbie?

Kelly Sheridan

Who talks for Barbie?

In most of the contemporary animated Barbie movies, it is Kelly Sheridan.

Does kelly kelly have a sister?

No Kelly Kelly does not and Here is another thing her real name is barbie blank

Who does the voice of barbie in the movie barbie a fairy secret?

Kelly Sheridan is the voice of Barbie. Hope this helps answer your question!

When was Lee Sheriden born?

Lee Sheriden was born on April 11, 1949, in Bristol, England, UK.

When was kelly from Barbie introduced?

KELLY 1995, Barbie's new baby sister.

How old is Barbie Blank?

Barbara "Barbie" Blank, aka Kelly Kelly of the WWE, is 27 years old (birthdate January 15, 1987).

What is the plurals of kelly?

HUH?! If you are asking why Kelly Kelly is called Kelly Kelly it is her character's name. Her real name is Barbara "Barbie" Blank.

What is WWE diva kelly kelly sreal name?

Barbara Blank, or Barbie Blank

What are the barbie 12 dancing princesses names?

kelly molly lily pearl barbie daisy darlene

Why doesn't kelly sheridan play Barbie in a fashion fairy tale?

Mattel fired Kelly Sheridan in order to make Barbie appear younger, including a younger voice. Barbie is now officially voiced by Diana Kaarina.

How are Barbie and Shelly related?

Shelly (called Kelly in the United States) is Barbie's sister. Their last name is "Roberts" Barbie Roberts and Kelly Roberts/Shelly Roberts are sisters

How old is kelly Barbie from WWE?

about 23 years old

Where the WWE diva kelly kelly born?

Barbara Jean "Barbie" Blank (aka Kelly Kelly) was born on January 15, 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Who sings all for one in barbie in and The Three Musketeers?

Kelly hawkes

How many Barbie Marvel Comics are there?

There are 4 Barbie series from Marvel... -Barbie (63 issues) -Barbie Fashion (53 issues) -Barbie Halloween Special (2 issues) -Barbie and Baby Sister Kelly (1 issue) Add them all up and we got 120 comics!