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they went to the future and got some cofee and gave it to the natives for wool and other things

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The Lewis and Clark Trail is a highway. The path of the highway follows the approximate path of the journey taken by explorers Lewis and Clark. There is also a hiking trail called the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. This route goes across 3,700 miles from Illinois to Oregon.

what are the eleven states that lewis and clark historic trail can be fond on

The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail is a route across the United States commemorating the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804 to 1806. It is part of the National Trails System of the United States.

The web address of the Lewis And Clark Trail Museum is:

The phone number of the Lewis And Clark Trail Museum is: 701-828-3595.

The address of the Lewis And Clark Trail Museum is: 102 Indiana Ave, Alexander, ND 58831

an overland trail to the Pacific

Lewis and Clark was a big part of it.

Lewis and Clark trail, Oregon trail, California trail

trail over Bitterrroot Mountains

the final destination in 1805, during the Lewis and Clark expedition was at Oregon Trail.Thank you for reading my answer!ARM:)

Lewis and Clark explored the Pacific Northwest and blazed a trail to the Pacific Ocean.

Lewis and Clark were "trail blazers," people who made tracks in new land (you know, The Oregon Trail).

The cast of Lewis and Clark Trail of Blood - 2007 includes: Layne Hull as Barney Andrea Plummer as Becky Swanson Thomas Prochaska as Davey

yes there is, it is along the Missouri river that is a great website to learn more about the Lewis and clark expedition.

Lewis: Hohenwald, Tennessee along the Natchez Trace National Historic Trail Clark : Bellefontaine Cemetery north side of the City of St. Louis, Missouri

one of them is lewis and clark he explorid oregon

There were many challenges and problems faced along the trail. Just some of them were due to injuries, illness, cold weather, and lack of food.

Because Portland is at the end of the Oregon Trail. Lewis and Clark also explored this area. Trailblazing is a part of Oregon history.

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