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Madam CJ walker was a talented entrepreneur. The single mother and the daughter of former slaves became the first female millionaire of the United States. She did this via the beauty industry, creating a hair care system for African-American women.

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Q: How did Madam CJ Walker become famous?
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When did madam cj walker first become famous?


What type of learner is Madam Cj Walker?

Madam Cj Walker Is A Blanced Learner

Why did madam change her name?

madam cj walker chaange her name because she became famous

What did Madam CJ Walker do to be famous?

She produced and sold hair products.

Madam cj walker Did she have bother?

Madam cj walker had 4 brothers and 1 sister.

Who did madam cj walker get married to?

madam cj walker got married to Moses McWilliam

What was madam cj walker was?

--> Madam C.j. Walker was a christian . (:

What did madam cj walker do after she became famous?

she made a school for her daughter A'Lelia.

Was madam cj walker slaved?

I slave madam cj walker so i'm bad

What was the Name of Madam CJ Walker inventor?

Madam C.J. Walker

What is madam cj walker good at?

Madam CJ Walker was good at and invented the hair relaxer for African-American women.

What is madam cj walker's awards?

being the first black woman to become a millonare