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How did Marco Polo help find America?

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He didn't find america. Marco Polo is the one who influenced Columbus to become an explorer.

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Where did Marco Polo go?

Marco went to China, to help the Kublai khan for find new land.

When did Marco Polo get jailed in Genoa?

Marco Polo was captured by the Genoa because when Marco Polo got back from his journey, Venice was at war with Genoa. So for that being, while Marco Polo tried to help on one of Venice's ships Marco Polo got captured and put in jail.

Why did Marco polo sail?

Marco Polo sailed because he was trying to help people

Who did Marco Polo help in china?

no one

Tools and weapons used by Marco polo?

Tools that Marco Polo used included maps, and a compass. He also used the stars to help him to find his way. Guns were the most common weapon he used.

Did anyone help Marco Polo find his expedition?

I don't think anyone helped him but he did have other travelers with him sometimes

How did Marco help china?

Marco Polo helped Emperor Kublai Khan explore China.

How did Marco polo help many europeans learn about china?


What tools did Marco polo use to help him?

He used an astrolabe and a compass

How does Marco polo help his country?

He doesn't really help his country, but he inspired people to explore.

Did anybody help Marco Polo with his exploration?

Yes his dad and his uncle went with him on his exploration.

Did Marco Polo help conquer a nation?

no well that's what i was thought when i went to school

How did Marco polo help Europeans learn about China?

he traveled along way to china

Did Marco Polo help to conquer any groups of people?

I don't now at all

How did the location of Italy's port cities help them develop trade networks?

Marco polo

How was Marco polo treated on his return to his country?

I don't know I need help with that same question because I have to do this stupid project about him? Sorry maybe I can find it if I do I will answer

What continent did Marco Polo explore?

Marco Polo explored the continent of Asia. He brought back many treasures from the East such as paper, silk, spices and the compass, which became a major help to later explorers.

Purpose of the travels of Marco polo expedition?

to help his friends niccolio and maffeo be more wealthy.

What did Marco polo want to accomplish on his journeys?

Marco polo accomplished the silk road and he traveled with his father and his uncle a lot and the people in khan made him run errands and do things to help their country ! I hope this helps you :)

Why did Marco polo go with his father and uncle on the journey to China?

Answerbecause he was going to help china and kublai

Did Marco polo sponsore himself?

No, Marcos family sponsored him threw his journeys. thanks for all your help on this

Did Marco Polo travel the length of south America?

the answer is true and i know it he did it and he was thr first one to travel to south america well right after the native americas of course but the answer is yes he did travel to south america with help for 90 men, 3 ships, and 1 million weapons.

How did Marco polo help create the early silk road?

He didn't create the silk road. I had the same question and found this answer.

Where to find polo outlet?

you can find them in malls but you should ask google for instince polo outlets around dallas, texas that should help

What failures did Marco polo have?

Tbh I really don't know and I'm looking this question up on the internet for a Social Studies report and it doesn't say what I'm looking for ... Help me .

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