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Q: How did Matt help attean kill the bear?
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How did Matt help attain kill the bear?

BY kill

Which two animals did god help david kill as a youth?

A loin and a Bear

Can a spider kill a bear?

Yes. A spider can kill a bear.

Can a platypus kill a bear?

No. A platypus cannot kill a bear. Not only would it not have the claws, teeth or size to kill a bear, but there are no bears in Australia.

Can an arrow kill a bear?

Of course it can, if it hits the right area of the bear to kill it.

How many dogs would it take to kill a bear?

It will take 20 small dogs to kill a bear, and 5 large dogs to kill a bear.

Can a werewolf kill a bear?

Yes. A werewolf could kill any type of bear, no matter how big is the bear.

Could a pigeon a kill a bear?

No. There is no way a bird can kill a bear, especially a pigeon.

In the book woodsong by Gary paulsen why didn't he shoot the bear?

he thought that since the bear didn't kill him, why should he kill the bear?

Can people kill a grizzly bear if it threatens to get in there house?

Yes they can kill a grizzly bear. I think they can kill it because its on your property i guess

Did Matt hardy kill himself?


Walrus vs polar bear?

The tusks of the walrus could kill the bear, but if the polar bear can get past the tusks it could kill the walrus.