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He made Justin want to become famous and world wide know and also helped with his dancing !!! Justin learnt to sing from Michael Jackson songs :)


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No. Justin Bieber did not kill Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson. Justin Bieber is an ugly fool.

Justin bieber loves Micheal Jackson from dalraj Yes Justin Like Michael Jackson.

Yes, Justin Bieber says that he looks up to Michael Jackson he is truly an inspiration to Justin.♥

Impossible to know for certain, Justin Bieber fans will say he has more and Michael Jackson fans will say the same about Michael.

Dont get me wrong i love michael jackson but how can she like justin bieber that copies off him

No, there is no way that Justin Bieber can be the next king of the pop. I'm a big fan of him and he is really cute and has a great voice, but I'm a bigger fan of Michael Jackson. Justin Bieber can have career, life or be popular like Michael Jackson but he will NEVER EVER beat Michael Jackson in anything. I think Justin Bieber agrees with me as well.

Michael Jackson and Justin bieber.

no he was already dead when Justin bieber became famous No he didn't.

justin bieber use to listen to usher and Michael jackson!

Because Michael Jackson would wear them, and Justin Bieber's sort of, idol, is Michael Jackson/ Usher.

Michael Jackson and His dad Jeremy Bieber

Michael Jackson, usher, Justin timberlake and u2

No he didn't. He wasnt there. He wishes he was, Michael was his idol.

Yes, Justin Bieber has stated that Micheal Jackson is his role model.

He went trick or treating, he was Michael Jackson.

Of course its Michael Jackson.No one can dance better than Michael Jackson.Michael Jackson is an awesome dancer, while Justin Bieber just plain sucks.No one in this world can dance better than MICHAEL JACKSON . coz he is the KING OF POP.You bet he is.I have to agree. The most famous person ever, I am afraid he will always be the best.Micheal Jackson.Micheal Jackson. It depends how you look at it. Michael Jackson is the best to a lot of people, even Justin Bieber But to compare them against each other, that's like comparing country music to dubstep or rock.Yes micheal Jackson is better than Justin bieber because he got awarded king of pop

Justin bieber chose to do a song with usher. i luv their new single! IT ROKS! luv u Justin

It's a matter of opinion, some people prefer Michael and some prefer Justin.

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