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He broke records for Basketball and helped the econmony grow 40 billon worldwide and he was a boss like these balls

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How did Michael Jordan make a difference for African American people?

He didn't....

How did Michael Jordan make the world a better place?

Michael Jordan was a great basketball player and he gave money to charities for kids

Does Michael Jordan make Jordan shoes?


How much did Michael Jordan make from shoes?

Michael Jordan makes 57.8 billion a year!

How do you unlock Michael Jordan on nba2k10?

no,you can't unlock Michael Jordan because 2k sports didn't make Michael Jordan and they will maked it this 2011 for the nba2k11

How much money does Michael Jordan make a year?

Michael Jordan makes $500 million a year.

How much money has Michael Jordan made in clothing and shoes?

how much money does Michael Jordan make

Is Michael Jordan in NBA live 2005?

No he is not but u can make him search up NBA 2005 Michael Jordan

Does Michael Jordan make high heels?


What contributions did Michael Jordan make to society?

Michael Jordan broke records that are still not broken yet. He also dedicated his time to giving back to the world by giving money to charity's and schools/

Who was the first athlete to make a million dollars a year?

Michael Jordan Joe Namath (long before Michael Jordan)

Where did Michael Jordan make his dunks?

Michael Jordan made his slam dunks on the basketball court during basketball games.

What grades did Michael Jordan make?

A+ and B AND C

When did Michael Jordan make the Air Jordans?


How many shoes did Michael Jordan make?


When did nike make Michael Jordan shoes?


What will Michael Jordan do now?

Make new Jordans

Did Michael Jordan Make his School Basketball team?


Did Michael Jordan make Nike's popular?


What did Michael Jordan hope to do when he was young?

to make it to the nba

What important contributions did Michael Jordan make to the world?

Some of Michael Jordan's contributions to the world were giving money to schools, he broke the world record for basketball and helped the economy grow 40 billion worldwide.

How do you make Michael Jordan in NBA 2K7 on PlayStation 2?

you go to a certain web site called Michael Jordan

How did Michael Jackson make a Difference in the world?

he was like the best pop singer in history!

How did Michael Jordan make a difference in basketball?

He won 6 championship. He was also a one of the best point guards in the NBA (National Basketball League).

How much does Michael Jordan make now?

he make 4,879,482,000,700 dollars a year.