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many Mormons are minors

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Q: How did Mormons and minors get along?
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Can youTransfer motorcycle titles in Oklahoma to minors?

Minors are not legally able to "own" things, especially motor vehicles. They can be listed as a co-owner along with a responsible adult or guardian though.

What impact did the Mormons have in the plains?

Because so many Mormons crossed the plains from 1847 to 1868 (about 70,000) they helped create business along the trail where people could buy and sell things.

How did Mormons and miners get along with on another?

hey I'm a Mormon and that makes no sense at all.

Why leadership necessary for the Mormons to survive?

The prophet gets revelation from god along with bishops and other leaders

How did the Ute tribe help the Mormons?

At the time of the Mormon settlement in Utah, the Ute tribe was extremely powerful. While they did have some conflicts with the Utes, for the most part they got along. The Utes helped to defend the Mormons against other tribes and even other gorups of white settlers. They also helped Mormons to know how to survive in the harsh climate. In return, the Mormons shared their food with the Utes. Although many Mormons were suspiscious of the Utes, they understood that it was cheaper and more practical to feed them than to fight them.

Where do most Mormons live outside the US?

Of the 13,824,854 members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) worldwide, 7,785,947 live outside the United States. That is, 56% of all baptised Mormons live outside the U.S. Nations with quite a few Mormons are: Canada 179,801 Mormons (1% of Mormons are Canadian, 0.5% of Canadians are Mormon) Samoa 69,224 Mormons (0.5% of Mormons, 39% of Samoans) Tonga 55,173 Mormons (0.5% of Mormons, 53% of Tongans) Mexico 1,197,573 Mormons (8.7% of Mormons, 1% of Mexicans) Guatemala 220,296 Mormons (1.6% of Mormons, 1.6% of Guatemalans) El Salvador 105,501 Mormons (0.8% of Mormons, 2% of El Salvadorians) Hondouras 136,408 Mormons (1% of Mormons, 2% of Hondourans) Brazil 1,102,674 Mormons (8% of Mormons, 0.6% of Brazilians) Chile 561,920 Mormons (4% of Mormons, 3.3% of Chileans) Peru 480,816 Mormons (3.5% of Mormons, 1.7% of Peruvians) Philippines 631,885 Mormons (4.6% of Mormons, 0.7% of all Philippinos) UK 186,082 Mormons (1.3% of Mormons, 0.3% of all UK) Australia 126,767 Mormons (0.9% of Mormons, 0.6% of Australians) New Zealand 100,962 Mormons (0.7% of Mormons, 2.4% of all New Zealanders) To compare, the United States has 6,038,907 Mormons. That's 44% of Mormons and 2% of all Americans. But you can find Mormons in nearly every nation of the World! The "Related Link" below has a great population statistics map related to Mormon Church membership.

How did the Mormons keep from having problems with Indians along the way?

The Mormon Pioneers and the Native Americans did have a few problems, but for the most part they got along pretty well. The Mormons tried hard to be friendly, share their supplies, and defend the Native Americans from other white men who would come to kidnap their women and children. Most of the time the Native Americans viewed the Mormons as a people kicked out of their homes and sympathized with them. The Mormons even sent missionaries among the Indian tribes and many converted. Both groups were pretty suspicious of each other in the early years, each feeling that the other was not trustworthy.

Can a 14year old girl date a 18year old boy?

Dating is legal as long as the minors parents are along with it. Sex is however not.

How did the arrival of the Mormons effect the U tes?

The Mormon pioneers and the Utes got along quite well. Of course there were a few incidents but for the most part the Utes recognized that the Mormons were in a similar situation with most Native American groups - kicked out of their homes by the US government and in need of a safe place to live. Because of this they were usually quite welcoming and helpful to the Mormons.

Do mormans celebrate Christmas?

Yes Mormons believe in christ and therefore celebrate Christmas. It is an extremely important holiday in our religion along with Easter.

During the Mormon trail how well did the Indians get along with the Mormons?

Most tribes got along with the Mormon pioneers pretty well, but not all. For a time, there were even missionaries sent out just to teach the Native American people because they got along so well.

Do Mormons celebrate Lent?

No, lent is a Catholic tradition and Mormons are Christians! Actually Catholics are Christians. Also Catholics along with a long line of other Christian Demoninations celebrate Lent. The Word Christian means follower of Christ and Catholics are definitely followers of Jesus Christ. Both Catholics and Mormons are different denominations of Christianity. Catholics are not the only denomination who observes Lent, so it is conceivable that some Mormons would observe Lent (as many Lutherans, Methodists, and Anglicans do). However, most Mormons do not observe Lent, although they do celebrate Easter.

Where did the Mormons?

where did the Mormons what?

What are emancipated minors?

Emancipated minors are minors who have been legally released from the control of their parents.

What state in the US do Mormons live?

Mormons live in every state. The highest percentage of Mormons is in Utah, and the highest amount of Mormons in in California.

Why are all Mormons liars and yet not all liars are Mormons?

This question is based on an incorrect supposition. Not all Mormons are liars; most Mormons are not liars.

What hardships did the Mormons face along the Mormon trail?

They faced many things like * Death of family members/family friends * Food shortage * etc.

Can you become a social worker with a minor in psychology?

Yes, of course. Many individuals take related and non related minors along with their primary program of study.

Why were there so many problems between Mormons and there neighbors?

Because non-Mormons were threatened by their religion and that it was beginning so successfully. Also, because non-Mormons were upset with some on the Mormons beliefs. Then once non-Mormons started fighting, Mormons fought back a little, and then moved because they realized this isn't what they were all about.

Who are right Mormons or Christians?

Mormons are christians!!!!!

Do the Mormons own Walgreen's?

No we Mormons don't.

Can minors get married in Vegas without parental consent?

No you can not. With consent you can get married at 16 and 17 but under 16 it's only by a courts permission along with parental consent.

Are Mormons in every state?

Yes, definately. There are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) in every state of the US. There are over 6 million Mormons in the United States. The state with the largest number of Mormons is Utah with 1.8 million Mormons. The state with the fewest number of Mormons is Rhode Island, with about 4,000 Mormons.

Where was the origin of Mormons?

The Mormons originated in Palmyra, NY

Did the Mormons believe in slavery?

No, Mormons do not believe in slavery.