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How did Nelson Mandala die?

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He was a great manSimple, Nelson Mandala was assasinated. Nelson Mandala was a great man in my eyes. They know who did it but they have no proof of how to proove it. Oh, dear ...If the question refers to Nelson Mandela (not Mandala), he's still alive (10th October 2008). No wonder "They ...have no proof of how to proove it".

As of today, April 20, 2012, Nelson Mandela is still alive and is in his 90's

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When did Nelson Mandala die-?

Nelson Mandala died on December 5, 2013 at the age of 95.

What is the concept of mandala?

Are you speaking about a Mandala or Nelson Mandala the person? The question is not clear.

How mandala became famous?

I am not sure if you are speaking of Nelson Mandela or the Mandala.

Who was nelson mandala?

Nelson Mandela was the President of Shouth Africa

How old was nelson mandella when he got jailed?

nelson mandala was 23

Who did Nelson Mandala marry?

He married Winni

How many grandchildren does Nelson Mandala have?


How old is nelson mandala now?


Why did Mandala go to prison?

nelson mandala went to prison because he was help the black pelpeo

What Happened To Nelson Mandala?

Nelson Mandala is alive and well although a bit frail. He is 91 today ( 7/18/09) and living in South Africa.

When was nelson mandala released?

February 11, 1990

How long nelson mandala was in a prison for?

27 years

When the nelson mandala freed?

February 11, 1990

Where was Nelson mandala born?

He was born in South Africa

Why was nelson mandala forced to resign?

Nelson Mandela was not forced to resign the presidency of South Africa.

When did Mark Mandala die?

Mark Mandala died in 2009.

How ols is nelson mandala?

He was just 91 on July 18, 2009

Why was nelson mandala a good leader?

His faith was bigger than his adversaries.

Does this poem inspire nelson mandala in anyway?

ye sits inspirational

When and where was nelson mandala born?

He was born on July 18, 1918 in Umtata, Transkei

What did nelson mandala fought against?

The Oppression of the black population of South Africa

Who spoke out against apartheid?

Nelson Mandala the first black president of South Africa.

What bad place did nelson mandala live for many years?

He was in prison for 27 years

You wish to write a personal letter to Nelson Mandala?

Could you please explain what the question is?

What is nelson mandala charity called?

I don't believe Nelson Mandela has a charity per se, but he is a big supporter of several AIDS charity foundations.