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How did Nikola Tesla invent the x-ray?

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The Electrical Review in 1896 published X-rays of a man, made by Tesla, with X-ray tubes of his own design. They appeared at the same time as when Roentgen announced his discovery of X-rays. Tesla never attempted to proclaim priority. Roentgen congratulated Tesla on his sophisticated X-ray pictures, and Tesla even wrote Roentgen's name on one of his films. He experimented with shadowgraphs similar to those that later were to be used by Wilhelm Rontgen when he discovered X-rays in 1895. Tesla's countless experiments included work on a carbon button lamp, on the power of electrical resonance, and on various types of lightning. Tesla invented the special vacuum tube which emitted light to be used in Photography.

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When did Nikola Tesla invent the telephone cable?

Nikola Tesla had inventions that have to do with wireless technology. He did not invent telophone cables.

Who invent the loudspeaker?

Nikola Tesla

When did Nikola Tesla invent the Tesla electric car?


Why did Nikola Tesla invent ac electricity?

Nikola Tesla had his ac motors ready and patented in 1890.

When did Nikola Tesla invent the the radio?


Who invent the hydro power electricity?

Nikola Tesla

When did nikola tesla invent the remote control?


What year did Nikola Tesla invent the Tesla coil?

He got this work from 1885 to 1890.

How old was nikolas when he invent the radio?

Radio invention, in fact, is officially awarded to Nikola Tesla, amid the various misleadings and conspiracies...

When did Nikola Tesla invent the car?

Nikola Tesla invented the car. He did turn a pierce arrow 1930 car all electric.

Why did Nikola Tesla invent?

Nikola Tesla is a non longer living person so we can not ask him this question. To my mind, it just was the thing he beleived he had to do.

Did nikola tesla invent a death ray?

Nikola Tesla claimed to have invented a death ray but it has neither been proven nor disproven.

Why did Nikola Tesla invent the Tesla coil?

he did it for communication advances by transporting power long distances

What did Nikola Tesla invent that made the building shake?

It was called the Oscillator

How did Nikola Tesla invent the x ray?

Tesla could imaging things in his mind and put them to work.

What caused Nikola Tesla to invent?

Nikola had that in his blood. His mother Đuka Mandić Tesla, invented tools. We could say, Tesla inherited the genius mind and the invention mind from his mother.

Did Nikola Tesla invent hydroelectric energy?

The Hydroelectric in Niagara Falls by Tesla, was the first of it's kind. Yes he did.

Did Nikola Tesla invent the fishing rod?

Yes, he developed a fishing rod. The rod was called The Tesla Coil.

What major inventions did Nikola Tesla invent?

wireless communications and alternate current

When did Nikola Tesla invent the electrical genertor?

The patent shows the year 1888.

When did Nikola Tesla invent the light bulb?

Some time in the 1800's.

Where did Nikola Tesla invent the alternating current?

He was living in New York at the time.

Who made it possible for Nikola Tesla to invent an AC electric motor?

Nikola Tesla was greatly influenced by Vedic philosophy, and thus the realisation that Reality is a Dynamic Unity.

When did Nikola Tesla invent the electromagnetic motor?

By 1888 Nikola Tesla built and patented his alternating current motor wich is the one to power homes and builduings today.

How did Nikola Tesla and guglielmo invent the radio?

Tesla had it first. A mysterious fire put that on hold but it was known because he did lectures on the radio. Marconi used 17 patents granted to Tesla to make his radio. Tesla let him go ahead and work his company but the patent was granted to nikola Tesla.