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You mean 'Orion's Belt' - this is a group of stars, not a full constellation, and it got its name because it is part of the constellation called 'Orion', with Orion being a hunter.

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Q: How did O'Ryan's Belt constellation get its name?
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How did constellation Ryan's Belt get its name?

It's not a constellation but a group of stars, and it's 'Orion's Belt', not 'Ryan's Belt' - you're heard it wrong. The formation 'Orion's Belt' is in the constellation 'Orion' - supposedly Orion was a great hunter who Zeus put up among the stars.

What is ryan's belt?

Its a Constellation.

What is the name of the bright winter constellation with a belt of three stars and contains a famous nebula?


What is a constellation has 7 bright stars and what makes its belt?

Orion and his belt

What is another name for constellation?

The word "asterism" is used to refer to a pattern or grouping of stars that is not on the International Astronomical Union's list of constellations. But an Asterism IS NOT a constellation - it can be a pattern like the Big Dipper (which is part of the constellation Ursa Major, the Great Bear), Orion's Belt, The Summer Triangle, etc.

A constellation of a hunter with a belt and a sword?


What star constellation would keeps your trousers up?

Orion's Belt! Although strictly speaking, "Orion's Belt" is an asterism rather than a constellation.

What is orion's belt?

Orion's Belt are the three bright stars in the center of the constellation Orion, the hunter. The center of the three stars is named Alnilam. Constellation

How did the star Alnitak get its name?

Alnitak, like many stars, was named by Arabic astronomers. They gave it the name Al Nitak which means "the belt", because they saw it as part of the belt of the constellation we call Orion.

What helps you recognize the constellation Orion?

Orion's Belt

What is the history of the constellation called Orian's belt?

it is a star

What constellation looks like giant with a belt?