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Otto Frank own the warehouse they hid in until Amsterdam was taken over. He knew of the hiding place way before the war.

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Where was Anne Frank's hiding place?

The Secret Annex in Amsterdam. The hiding place of Anne Frank and those with her was upstairs at the back of Otto Frank's former place of work. They were hiding in the "Secret Annex", in the building where Otto Frank had previously worked. The annex was behind a book case that opened like a door.

Where did the anne frank family live when in hiding?

They lived in an annexe, just above the work place of Otto Frank, in the Netherlands.

How would the people from the holocaust get to save places?

As an example= Otto Frank, Eaded Frank, Marggot Frank, Anne Frank. Otto Frank ask his very good friends if they could find a hiding place for him and his family. People were willing to do that for their friends. So they went into hiding for 2 years.

What did Otto Frank work as?

Otto was an assistant in Amsterdam but had no job when they were in hiding. hope this helps! GGHH12 :)

When did otto frank and his family begin to go into hiding?

They went into hiding on July 5, 1942.

Who is the ruler that put Anne frank and her family into hiding?

No Ruler. It was Otto Frank, Anne's father, who put himself and his family into hiding.

Who was teaching Anne Frank french?

well first i guess she was learning it in school but during the hiding was taking place her father Otto frank was teaching her sister, Peter, and Anne frank

What did anne franks dad do?

Otto Frank worked at the hiding place, in other words "Secret Annexe" but during the Holocaust, Otto went into hiding at the building where he worked. Him, his family, a couple with their son, and a dentist all hid in the attic.

Did Otto Frank go to the gas chamber?

No. Otto Frank outlived his family in the concentration camps. He returned to his business and their attic hiding place. He discovered the diary Anne Frank wrote and had it published. It is one of the number one best sellers year after year.

Who was hiding with Anne Frank?

otto,edith,and margot frank,herman,auguste,and peter van pels

How old was otto frank when he went into hiding?

He was 53 years old at that time.

What character did you least like from the hiding place?


What was miep gies relationship with otto frank?

Miep Gies worked with Otto Frank as his secretary before the Frank family went into hiding. Miep helped the Frank family hide. She also found Anne Franks diary after they were arrested and gave it to Otto.

When did Anne Frank's father Otto find her diary?

After Anne Frank's death was confirmed in the summer of 1945, her diary and papers were given to Otto Frank by Miep Gies, who had rescued them from the ransacked hiding place.

Who revealed to the Nazis the hiding place of Otto Frank and his family in Amsterdam?

Someone who worked at the building they were hiding in. There was another family that was hiding out with the Frank family. In Anne Frank's diary she never did reveal the name of the so-called rat amongst them. Someone who was robbing them was arrested and he told the gastapo that they were living there.

What did Anne Frank usually eat?

what ever they could while in hiding, Miep worked for Otto Frank and she got what she could for them

Who built the hidden entrance to the hiding place to Anne Frank?

Mr. Voskuijl, Otto Franks warehouse manager constructed the bookcase that hid the secret annex

How did Anne Frank build her hiding place?

She did not "build" it - it had existed in the upper rear portion of her fathers place of business for many years. Otto Frank furnished it over a period of time in early 1942, and the Franks moved to it in July of that year.

Who did Anne Frank have to go into hiding with?

Anne Frank had to go into hiding Margot Frank, Otto Frank, Edith Frank, Mrs. Van Dan, Mr. Van Dan, Peter Van Dan, and Dussel (The names are the ones used in the Diary of a Young Girl)

Why did Otto Frank and his family go into hiding?

Otto Frank and his family were Jewish. At the time that the Frank family went into hiding, the Nazis were gathering up all the Jews and sending them off to concentration camps or work camps. Anne, Otto's daughter, had received a notice that she was to report to a work camp. Rather than see his daughter, and probably the rest of his family as well, go into work camps, Otto chose to go into hiding to protect his family.

What concentration camp was Otto frank taken to?

Otto Frank - and all those who had been hiding in the annex - were eventually taken to Auschwitz, where they arrived September 6th, 1944. Otto survived Auschwitz, and was liberated by the Russians at the end of January, 1945.

Who is Elli from the Anne Frank diary?

Elli Vossen was a employee/friend of Otto Frank and family. She helped with the hiding of them, along with the other employees.

Did otto frank cheat on his wife?

No.But the woman from the other family hiding with them tended to flirt with Mr.Frank

Were did anne frank an her family hide when they went in to hiding?

They hid in the attick of the factory where her father (otto) worked.

Were Anne Frank was hiding in is?

Anne Frank hid in an annex along with her family. The annex was right on top of the business offices of Mr. Otto Frank.

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