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Safe because Perseus killed Medusa for a good reason.

1. Medusa is evil and Perseus is a hero.

2. Medusa killed a lot of men and women just by turning them into stones.

3. Medusa will be punished for being evil and Perseus will be rewarded for being a hero.

Perseus is the hero who decapitated Medusa's head off her body by using his sword. Perseus is very smart and knows how to kill Medusa because he uses his shield as a reflection so that he won't look at her in the eyes just so he can see her using his shield as a mirror just by looking at it. He tricked Medusa and removed her head from her body!

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How did Perseus fight the Kraken?

he killed it with medusas severed head

What did Perseus use to cut Medusas head off?

A sword.Hermes loaned Perseus an adamantine sword.

What is the solution of the movie clash of the titans?

perseus petrifies the kraken with medusas dead head

For what is perseus most famous?

Perseus is most famous for cutting off the head of Medusa.

How do perseus and Athens use medusas head?

Even in death, the head of the Gorgon could petrify anyone who looked into its eyes. Perseus just wielded the head itself, like a weapon. Athena had the head mounted to the front of the Aegis.

What creatures does perseus kill?

Perseus kills Medusa, by cutting off her head, and the sea monster, by turning it to stone, using medusa's head.

Did persiuos defite Medusa?

Yes, Perseus defeated Medusa by cutting off her head.

Why could perseus kill Medusa?

Perseus used a short sharp sword given to him by hermes (messenger god) and a shield used as a mirror, given to him by athena (god of war strategy and wisdom). Perseus looked at Medusas reflection with the shield and took of her head with the sword.

What is the myth of Perseus and Pegasus?

Perseus killed Medusa by cutting off her head and Pegasus came out of her neck. Bellephron was the hero who actually rode Pegasus.

Who is the greek god perseus?

perseus is the son of danae and Zeus but his grandfather didint like him so he threw danae and perseus in the sea but they floated to an island.perseus grew up there.perseus is most famous for slaying medusas head off her body and oh he was half god-half mortal\human

What makes Perseus a hero?

Perseus is said to have killed cetus (the Whale) and rescued Andromeda. He later married her. Perseus is a constellation located in the northern hemisphere; contains the star Algol. Also, Perseus killed Medusa by cutting off her head.

Where can Medusa be found?

Medusa died. By Perseus cutting her head of. And after, she went on Athena's the goddess of wisdom's shield.

When medusas head was cut could you still turn to stone?

Yes. In Clash of the Titans (remake) Perseus cuts off the head but is still able to use it to stone the Kraken. And it also says that in my Greek Myth books.

What was the kracken in Clash of the Titans?

it was a creation of hades that was never beat until perseus beat it with medusas head it also fed off peoples fears to the gods and made hades stronger

Why was one of Zeus' sons turned to stone?

I cannot remember this. Are you perhaps thinking of Atlas, who was turned to stone by Perseus who showed him Medusas head? Atlas was a Titan, a relative of Zeus but not his son.

Why did persueus go on the quest for medusas head?

The king of the land in which Perseus lived, Polydectes, held a festival at which he asked each person attending to being a horse, knowing that Perseus and his mother were poor and didn't have any horses. Upon arriving, Perseus apologized and offered the king any gift he wished, in replacement. Seeing his chance to be rid of Perseus (to gain access to his mother, Danaa), Polydectes asked for the head of the mortal Gorgon Medusa. The idea being that MEdusa had already killed countless heroes, and that Perseus would just be another statue.

What were Medusas accomplishments?

she alwayslooks beutifal she a skae head

What does Percy do with Medusas head?

in the first book and movie,he cut her head out(gross).

If you look at a picture of Medusa will you turn to stone?

actually it is only if you look at her in person which would be imposable because thousands of years ago Perseus killed her by cutting of her head and then using her head as a weapon

What happens to polydectes in the myth medusas head?

To cut a long story short, Polydectes was turned to stone. But here's the full story: King Polydectes of Seriphos fell in love with Danae, mother of the Greek hero Perseus. However, Perseus was protective and wouldn't let Polydectes near her. Polydectes pretended he was going to marry a princess and ordered every man in his kingdom to supply him with a gift. Perseus couldn't afford a gift, and so pledged the King anything he wanted. Polydectes asked for the head of the Gorgon Medusa. Perseus killed Medusa and returned with her head, but found Polydectes was threatening and abusing his mother Danae. Perseus snuck into the throne room, where he found Polydectes and his nobles. When they gazed upon Medusa's head, they were turned to stone.

What is Medusas job?

Medusa's job was that she killed people if you looked at her head, eyes, or snake heads. you would turn to stone and be frozen until someone kills her. Perseus was the one who killed her, so everyone came back to life!! yeyy!!

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