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PlayStationThe opposite of a "workstation" would be a PlayStation, no? Maybe this is how it was named.
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Q: How did PlayStation get its name?
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What is the PlayStation networks name?

The Playstation Network is Called the Playstation Networkor PSN

Whats ur playstation network name?

Your name for your Playstation network name can be as clever or as silly as you like.

Will their be PlayStation 4?

There will be a new game console from Sony the name might not be the PlayStation 4 or even PlayStation

Does PlayStation have PS live?

No Live is the name for the Xbox network as in Xbox Livethe Playstation has PSN or Playstation Network

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What is the meaning of 2 in PS2?

It is the second Playstation Console released under the name Playstation

How did they make the name PlayStation 3?

Simple it was the 3rd model of the Playstation released with a new number

How do you spell PlayStation the proper way?

It is spelled Playstation as a single word. Sony does spell it with 2 capital letters as PlayStation also they include the copyright symbol after the name like this: PlayStation®, PlayStation®2, PlayStation®3, & PSP® (PlayStation®Portable)

When was the PlayStation created?

Before the 1994 release of the game the Playstation when through many different configurations including a time ofPartnershipwithNintendowhen the console's name was Play Station The name became Playstation only when the partnership with Nintendo ended

What is travis pastranas playstation 3 name?


How do you change the playstation network account name?

you cant

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