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She stayed as a queen for a long time because she never gave up and she always helped people, alot of people liked her so thet is why she kept going, jbut when she was tired and coulnt do more she called it a finish.

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How did Queen Elizabeth I remain queen for as long as she did?

She lived along time.

How long has Queen Elizabeth been queen for?


How long was Queen Elizabeth in jail for?

Queen Elizabeth was in jail for eight weeks.

Has Queen Elizabeth died?

Assuming that you mean queen Elizabeth the Second, ; no this Queen is still alive in the year 2013, long live the Queen!

How long did Queen Elizabeth 2 live?

Queen Elizabeth II is still living.

How long was queen elizabeth queen?

1558 until 1603

How long was Queen Elizabeth queen of England?

44 years.

How long was Elizabeth I the Queen of Tudors?

She was queen for 45 years.

How long is Queen Elizabeth 2 queen?

61 years

How long was elizbeth queen for?

Queen Elizabeth I was queen for 45 years. That is very long compared to her siblings' reigns.

How long did Queen Mary imprison Queen Elizabeth?

It is the other way around. Mary queen of Scott was forceed into prison by queen elizabeth, her cousin, for 16 years until queen elizabeth exicuted Mary by beheading her.

How long has queen elizabeth been queen?

for 6 or 8 years

How long did Queen Elizabeth rule England?

Queen Elizabeth 1 ruled from 1588 until 1603

How long is the Queen Elizabeth II?

The ship should properly be referred to as Queen Elizabeth 2 as she is named after the first ship, not the reigning monarch. Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) is 963 feet long.

How long does Queen Elizabeth II have the role of Queen for?

She is queen until her death or until she abdicates her title.

How did Elizabeth II die?

The Queen in still alive, long live The Queen

How long did Queen Elizabeth imprison Mary Queen of Scots?

12 years

How long has Queen Elizabeth reigned as queen?

In February 2015, Queen Elizabeth will have been queen for an astonishing 63 years. She is Head of State of the UK and 15 other Commonwealth realms.

How did Queen Elizabeth II take over when Queen Elizabeth I was alive?

Queen Elizabeth I died in 1603, a long, long time before Queen Elizabeth II was born. You might be referring to the Queen Mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, wife of George VI. She was never styled as Queen Elizabeth I or II though, because she was not a sovereign. She was a Queen Consort, the wife of a King, but had none of his powers, nor was she in line to the throne. When George VI died, the throne passed to the next in line, Elizabeth II.

How long did Queen Elizabeth ll reign?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is still the reigning monarch of the UK !

How long has Britain had a queen?

Queen Elizabeth II acceded to the throne in February 1952.

How long ago queen Elizabeth 2nd crowned as queen?

60 years ago

How long have Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip been married?

Queen Elizabeth the Second has been married for 65 years

How long is the Queen Elizabeth?

965 feet.

How long has Queen Elizabeth been ruleing for?

From the 6th of Febuary 2013 HM Queen Elizabeth II has been Queen for 61 years. On the 4th September 2015 the Queen will surpass Queen Victoria as the longest reigning british Monarch.

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