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Q: How did Robert fulton's invention the steamboat affect society?
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What was robert fultons invention?

The steamboat.

What was Robert fultons best invention?

The steamboat well known as the Clermont

What was robert fultons invention called?

Robert Fulton invented the first practical steamboat

Was the name of Robert Fultons first steamboat?


How did Robert fultons steamboat aide the economic development of the us?

By helping goku.

Robert Fulton ' s invention?


Whose famous steamboat made the 1500-mile journey from New Orleans to Louisville in just 24 days?

Robert fultons

What was Robert Goddard's most famous invention?


What will your lives be without Robert fultons invention?

I somehow think I might manage to survive without steamboats.

How Robert fultons work changed thecommounity?

He built the first practical steamboat, which was much faster than wind-powered sailing ships.

Which waterway was developed as a result of the invention of the steamboat?

The waterway that was developed as a result of the invention of the steamboat was the Mississippi River. Robert Fulton built a steamboat and used it first on the Hudson River in 1807.

Why was the steamboat such an important invention?

People needed transportation very quickly. Robert Folten was the inventor of the invention.