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His son John was killed during WWI at the Battle of Loos in 1915. His daughter Josephine died of pneumonia in 1899

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Rudyard Kipling's two children died in separate instances due to illness. His daughter Josephine died of pneumonia at the age of six, and his son John died in action during World War I at the age of 18.

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Q: How did Rudyard Kipling two children die?
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Rudyard Kipling wrote about two characters that were based on his own children what were the characters names?

Yes he had three kidsJosephine who died of pneumonia at 6, Elsie who died of natural cause, and John who was killed at war at 18 Rudyard Kipling was married, in 1892, to Caroline "Carrie" Balesteir until his death in 1936. She passed in 1939. ;)

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