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How did Russia and the US become world leaders?


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because they are belonged to winner alliance in World War II

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The leaders of China, Russia, Great Britain, and the United States were known as the Big Four. They were the largest players in the Allied Powers during World War II.

The military and political leaders of World War I are Nicholas II from Russia and Raymond Poincare from France. Also included are George V from United Kingdom, Woodrow Wilson from US and others.

They were called "The Big Four" or the allies in World War 2.

USA turned capitalist USSR was communist

'Russia' was too busy to involve US into a World War I as there was a revolution in Russia at that time.

Russia is the largest country in the world.

Allies: Roosevelt Churhill & Stalin (US Britain Russia) Axis: Hitler Mussolini & Hirohito

Stalin (Russia) Churchill (UK) Hirohito (Japan) Truman/Roosevelt (US) Hitler (Germany) Mussolini (Italy)

Yes russia is bigger, russia is the biggest country in the world

It never was part of the US. Russia is a separate country in Europe and Asia, USA is in North America.

just as russia pulled out, the US went in.

hi its me! and no us did not fight in russia

Germany, Italy, France, hungary, Romania, Russia, Japan, and austrailia.

Never. Brazil is the 5th largest, after Russia, Canada, the US, and China respectively.

Russia is nearly double the size of the United States. Russia is the largest country in the world, while the US is the third.

United States: Franklin Delano Roosevelt and (briefly) Harry S. Truman England: Winston Churchill France: Paul Reynaud Russia: Joseph Stalin

Russia is the most Powerful contry in the world but they are not knowing this

Yeltsin is a Russian and was the head of Russia. Not US president.

No, Russia is much larger! In fact it is the largest country in the world.

the thought of Russia taking it over


Roosevelt (US) Churchill (UK) Hitler (Germany) Stalin (Russia) Tojo (Japan) Chiang Kai-Chek (China) Mussolini (Italy)

Russia, as part of the Soviet Union was one of the major Allies of World War II along with the US, China and the British Empire.


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