How did Samuel armate the eyeglasses?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Q: How did Samuel armate the eyeglasses?
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Why did he salvino armate choose this career they did salvino armate?

so people could see

What type of education did salvino armate have?

What type of education did salvino armate have?Read more: What_type_of_education_did_salvino_armate_have

Was salvino d armate married?

Salvino was not married

Where was Salvino D' Armate born?

He was born in Flourence

Why did salvino d' armate invent glasses?

cuz hez a lame

How did Salvino D'Armate die?

salvino d armate died from sickness

What is the antonyms of eyeglasses?

what is the antonym for eyeglasses or glasses

What is the Italian translation of the German 'Waffen'?

Guardie armate is an Italian equivalent of the German word Waffen.Specifically, the feminine noun guardie means "guards." The feminine adjective armate means "armed." The pronunciation is "GWAHR-dyeh ahr-MAH-teh."

Who were salvino d' armate's parents?

Since he was born 752 years ago the identity of his parents were still a mystery. Another question: "Does Salvino D' Armate ever have siblings or a wife" is still undetermined. However If you do find the answer it will be most helpful.

Can you give me a sentence for eyeglasses?

James lost his eyeglasses.

Do eyeglasses have a patent on them?

Eyeglasses predate the patent system.

Is eyeglasses a plural possessive noun?

The word 'eyeglasses' is a singular and plural noun; it is one of the nouns that are a singular word for 'a pair of', such as scissors, pants, etc. The singular, 'eyeglass' is the word for the lens in the eyeglasses. For example, 'I'm wearing my eyeglasses.' or 'I have two pair of eyeglasses.' The plural possessive is eyeglasses'. Example sentence: The eyeglasses' lenses need cleaning.