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McCarthy's first break into infamy was arguably his Wheeling speech to the Republican's Womens Club in Wheeling, West Virginia. He claimed to have a list of US politicians and government officials that were known Communists, which was later made public. This lead to the Tydings Committee Hearings, where many of these convicted politicians were tried and executed. This ended up causing the US to go into a sense of "Red Scare" in the early 1950's.

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Q: How did Senator Joseph McCarthy fuel American fears of a Red Scare?
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Senator Joseph McCarthy was BEST known for his involvement in?

red scare

Senator Joseph McCarthy was involved in which Cold War event?

The Red Scare.

Senator Joseph McCarthy rose to prominence by?

The State Department had been infiltrated by Communists. The Red Scare. Joseph McCarthy was responsible for the anti-American trials of several prominent American citizens he believed were subversive communists.

Who started the 2nd Red Scare by saying he had a list of communist in Gov?

Senator Joseph McCarthy

What U.S. senator Was responsible for the red scare?

No one US Senator was responsible. Joseph McCarthy is the Senator popularly linked to the Red Scare because he was the one most often publicized.

Who was the us senator responsible for the anti-communist movement known a red scare?

The US senator's name was Joseph McCarthy. The Red Scare is also known as McCarthyism.

What was red scare and what politician wanted to use it?

The Second Red Scare of 1947 to 1957 was dominated by Senator Joseph McCarthy (R) from Wisconsin.

How did the cold war further the career of senator Joseph mcCarthy?

Joseph McCarthy's career was furthered by the Cold War, as the Cold War brought about the red scare, and it gave a rapid rise to Mccarthyism in america, and Joseph McCarthy was very busy hunting communists for quite some time.

During the Red Scare in the US during 1952 what was Joseph Mccarthy's infamous list?

Senator Joseph McCarthy accused hundreds of actors, directors, and screenwriters of Communism with his Hollywood Blacklist. Many of the entertainment professionals were barred from their professions.

Why did Joseph McCarthy do?

Leading the Red Scare.

Who led the Red Scare?

Joseph McCarthy. :D

Alcoholic senator from Wisconsin that helped to create a new red scare?