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Shakespeare invented nearly 1,700 common English words.

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Q: How did Shakespeare and Milton influence the English language?
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Greatest English author of all time?

Goeffrey Chaucer was the greatest English author of all times, and is considered the Father of English Language and Literature. He is followed by John Milton, Edmund Spenser and William Shakespeare.

Why would the French language be the language of the English court?

As recently as the courts of Elizabeth I and James VI, French was regarded as the language of culture and diplomacy, even while English was enjoying an unprecedented ascendency in the hands of men like Shakespeare and Milton. the French court was a dominant force in many parts of Europe. English is a creolized language and before the Tudors it was considered mostly the mean language of peasants. That changed of course, and English has taken its place as a formidable international language in areas of culture diplomacy and commerce.

How many words did John Milton contribute to the English language?

8000 (Eight Thousand)

What is the significance of early modern English period in the growth of English?

The Early Modern English period not only provided us with an astonishing amount of wonderful literature, not only from the big names of Spenser, Shakespeare and Milton, but also from numerous other lesser writers and the compilers of the King James Bible but also saw a huge increase in English vocabulary as a result of these writers, and a long-term influence on style, particularly by Shakespeare and the Bible.

I admire Milton but I love Shakespeare?

Well, that happens. And it's no serious impediment to life or a career in literature. In truth, Shakespeare is more popular then Milton, anyway. In fact, and in all seriousness, "admire" for Milton and "love" for Shakespeare are very good descriptors for the difference that people feel for those two.

What poets and playwriters did Shakespeare influence?

He influenced the epic poetry of John Milton. Milton uses Shakespeare's form of iambic pentameter in his epic poem paradise lost. He also uses many of Shakespeare's other methods which at this time have slipped my mind.

Writers of the Elizabethan period?

Mainly William Shakespeare, and Milton.

Did William Shakespeare write Paradise Lost?

No, John Milton did.

What has the author Milton Chase Potter written?

Milton Chase Potter has written: 'Oral and written English, advanced book' -- subject(s): Composition and exercises, English language 'Chart and log for writing words right' -- subject(s): Spellers

John Milton and William Shakespeare were contemporaries?

No. They were not contemporaries. Shakespeare was baptized as an infant in 1574 & died in 1616. Milton was born in 1608 (only 8 years before Shakespear's death) & died in 1674.

Who was the better writer William shakespeare or Dante alighieri?

Apples and oranges. Shakespeare wrote English, Dante Italian. Shakespeare wrote plays, Dante wrote epic poetry. How can you compare them? They are both great in their own ways. (Comparing Dante to Milton would make more sense.)

What has the author Alwin Thaler written?

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What has the author Gregory Machacek written?

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What has the author Kathleen Ellen Hartwell written?

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Is Milton Jones Welsh?

No he is English

Famous writers alive when Shakespeare was alive?

Christopher Marlowe, John Milton, and Cervantes.

Did William Shakespeare write the paradise lost?

No, John Milton wrote Paradise Lost.

Who coined the most words in the English language?

John Milton introduced the most amount of words to the English dictionary, with an overwhelming 630 words! Ben Jonson is runner-up with 558 words and John Donne tallies up 342 words. Shakespeare only invented 229 words. Examples of Milton's words are: debauchery, terrific, fragrance, lovelorn and healthy.

What is the form of English Milton used to write his stories?

early Modern English

What has the author John Arthos written?

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Who is the saddest poet?

Thomas GREY is the saddest poet in the English language just as LONGfellow is the longest, Robert FROST the coldest, John MilTON the heaviest and Alexander POPE the holiest. However, Thomas Gray's Elegy Written In A Country Churchyard is one of the saddest poems in the English language.

Why are common people the founders of English literature?

Geoffrey Chaucer (The Canterbury Tales); Edmund Spenser (The Faerie Queene); William Shakespeare (Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear, etc); and John Milton (Paradise Lost).

Who was ranked second to Shakespeare as England's greatest writer?

Generally, John Milton, author of Paradise Lost.

Who wrote the poem Shakespeare?

I may be interpreting your question incorrectly, but I'm going to answer this question in 2 parts.1. You may be asking who was Shakespeare - Shakespeare was a poet and playwrite.2. Many poems exist that refer to Shakespeare. Here are some examples:In Remembrance of Master William Shakespeare by Sir William Davenant.On Shakespeare`s Sonnets by MiltonShakespeare by Matthew Arnold

What has the author Milton Parker written?

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