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Q: How did Spain find silver and gold in the new world?
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What did Spain find in the new world?

pain found silver and gold just like england did

What did Spain find in the lands of north Mexico?

Gold and silver.

What valuable did Spain find in Mexico and Peru?

Gold and silver.

Who were the Exports of Gold and Silver from the New World to Spain?

If this question means "Who exported gold and silver from the New World to Spain"? Then the answer is the Spanish conquistadors and Spanish explorers. Vast amounts of these precious metals were also precious to the advanced Native American peoples in Mexico and further south. The Aztecs, Mayans and Incas all valued gold & silver. What Spain did not steal from these civilizations were later mined, as the New World under Spain's dominion had vast mines of gold and silver.

Was gold found in Spain?

There was some gold and silver in Spain, but what made Spain rich in the 16th and 17th centuries was the gold and silver taken from Spanish possessions in the Americas.

What were the Spanish explorers seeking in the New World?

The Spanish originally were seeking a shorter route to East Asia. Christopher Columbus, sailed under the flag of Spain in this search. When it was discovered that he stumbled upon the Western Hemisphere, Spain turned its attention to colonizing the New World and sought to steal or mine for precious metals such as gold and silver.

What did Spain find in the new world that was of great value?


What was the purpose for Hernando Cortes voyage?

The purpose of him going to Mexico was to conquer as much land as he could and to get money/gold/silver.

How did gold and silver mining in North and South America impact Spain's economy?

Spain acquired a great deal of wealth because the gold and silver were sent to Spain.

Who conquested the incas and brought gold and silver for Spain?

Pizzaro of Spain

What did the spanish get from the mines of Peru?

Spain retrieved gold, silver and copper from the mines in Peru. Spain became the most powerful country in the world, partly from the riches from the new world.

What did England find in the new world?

england found silver and gold in the "new world".