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How did Stalin kill his people?

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Stalin's opponents were sent to the Siberian labor camps called gulags where they were worked to death if not they would kill him.

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Did Joseph Stalin kill his mother?

Stalin did not kill his mother, but he did kill enough other people.

Why did Joseph Stalin kill his people?

He was crazy and paranoid.

Did Stalin really kill 60 million people?


How many people did Jozef Stalin kill?

approximately 20 million people

How many people did Stalin kill in his own country?

he killed 18,000,000 people

How many jews did Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin kill combined?

joseph stalin killed over 123,000 people but he didnt kill any jews

How many people did Joseph Stalin kill himself?

around 20,000,000

Did Christopher Columbus kill more people than Hitler?

No, but Stalin did.

How many people did Joseph Stalin kill with his terror famine?

To add, Stalin was part to blame for a huge famine that killed between 5-8 million people

Did Stalin personally kill anyone?

Stalin did not personally kill anyone as far as anyone knows to date. He ordered others to kill for him.

What races did Stalin kill?

Stalin killed a number of races of people. Some of these races included Jews, Ukrainians, Armenians, as well as Russians.

Why did joseph stalin go to war?

Because he wanted to invade Germany and kill lots of people there! He didn't like the people so he went to kill them

How were Adolf Hitler Benito Mussolini and Joseph Stalin similar?

all of them like to kill people

Does Russia have good economy?

no , they live in huts and worship stalin and the secret police kill people .

Did Joseph Stalin kill to get rid of Jews?

Stalin was probably not out to eliminate the Jews as a race of people the way Hitler wanted to do. But Stalin still wanted to get rid of as many Jews as possible and tried his best to do so..

How did Stalin kill?

Stalin had many millions of people sent to very harsh labour camps in Siberia. He also had some of his opponents (imaginary as well as real) shot.

What made Joseph Stalin become evil?

simply the sheer amount of people he killed or instructed to kill

How many Jews did Joseph Stalin kill?

Joseph Stalin did not intentionally target Jews, but he did amass quite a large amount of killings. Stalin killed over 20 million people in his purges and five-year plans.

Who or what race of people did Joseph Stalin kill?

Stalin killed Jews, Ukrainians, Armenians, and Russians. Most of the Russians he had killed were property owning peasant farmers called kulaks.

How many Jews did Stalin kill?

LOTS of them!

Why did Stalin kill trotsky last?

because he did

Did Stalin kill members from the opposition?

Yes, he did

How many people did Stalin and Hitler kill altogether?

If you include World War 2 and the Holocaust then about 50 Million.

Why do some people say Stalin was worse than Hitler?

Well yes, Stalin basically did everything Hitler did except Hitler only ruled for 13 years. Most of that time he did not execute people. Stalin ruled from pre WW2 to the 1950's when he died. Here is a figure from genocides alone Hitler killed 11 million people. Stalin kill over 20 million people.

How was Stalin like Hitler?

they both killed millions of people Stalin actually would kill more people than Hitler. Both Stalin and Hitler had a bad childhood mostly because of their fathers. they were also great at using propaganda. Hitler and Stalin had a non aggression pact but it ended on June 22, 1941 and Stalin would end up defeating Hitler in WWII.

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