How did Superman turn bad?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How did Superman turn bad?
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Can Superman turn into a vampire?


If you inject an energy drink will you turn into Superman?


Can Goku beat super man?

goku can kill superman becuse he can turn ssj4 and crush superman

If you eat your vegetables will you turn into Superman?

Superman did not get his powers from an accident- he naturally has them from the Earth's yellow sun. So the answer to this silly question is "no".

Bad things about the Superman logo?

it might stand for shutup.

Is he fact or fiction?

superman is a fiction character, but could be shown to fils and stories or books. superman do have supersrength and powers to fly. superman can be real but not in our world right now. superman can save people from bad people and not to damage the world.

Who was Superman first enemy?

Lex Luthor has been a recurrent Bad Guy in Superman since his superboy days. He owes his baldness to a botched chemical-warfare experiment and he blames superman for this condition.

Why would Superman win Hercules?

Superman has more strength. He has different powers.superman can just turn Hercules into ice because of his cold breath power.

Can you turn into Superman in san andreas ps2?

Hi my name is Jiovani I know how to get the superman cloths first you have to try to pass the whole game 100%.

What movie straightens the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Superman 3: when superman turns bad he straightens the Leaning Tower of Pisa, he later corrects it when he returns as good superman, much to the dismay of the local replica tradesman.

What is the name of the classical tune in Superman Returns in which Lois Lane's son is playing a piano duet with the bad guy?

The piano duet on Superman Returns is called "Heart and Soul"

What is the significance of superman in front of the Jewish museum in Berlin?

It is titled "Even Superheros can have a bad day"