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How did Sweden help the Nazis during World War 2?


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Sweden assisted Nazi Germany in different ways during WWII, but the most obvious and hurtful to the Allied effort was their supplying of iron ore to Germany's manufacturing industries.

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Sweden played a very small role in World War 1 and World War 2. They were a neutral nation. In World War 2 they did help 700 Jews escape from the Nazis in Denmark.

Please clarify what you need to know about Sweden. Since this question was in the World War 2 Category I assume you need to know about Sweden in World War 2. Sweden was a neutral country. They did help hide the Jews from the Nazis and aid Norway and Finland during the war and Denmark too. If you wanted to know something else please resubmit a complete question. Thanks for using and

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Only 10% of Germany's population supported Nazis during World War 2

The Nazis invaded Poland and violated the Treaty of Versailles. This sparked World War 2.

The U.S. did not 'help the Nazis'.

In the context of World War 2 resistance groups resisted the Nazis.

The Nazis. Sometimes they hired workers to either do it for them or help them, but it was the Nazis overall.

No, Sweden remained 'neutral' during the Second World War. I disagree with this, because even though they didn't fight alongside the Nazis, they still funded the Third Reich. (this is a third response) I disagree with the second response in that it was iron ore that was the by far biggest help. Money actually flowed the other way -- from Germany to Sweden in the form of gold. I cannot find any way to interpret the second response to be historically accurate.

In the previous century the Swedes chose to be "eternally" neutral. Their nation had been in too many wars. They chose to be neutral and stay neutral. During the war Nazis came into their country and the Monarchy had to get them booted out. They did help escaping Jews by allowing them into Sweden. They also helped Norwegians and Finns escapees.

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Sweden had declared themselves neutral in wars because they had had centuries of war and they wanted to discontinue all warring by or within their nation. They did help their neighboring countries. They also took in 700 Jews who escaped from the Nazis in Denmark. They chose to be neutral because they didn't want the Nazis or the war on their land. They were just concerned with keeping their nation's people safe and that meant staying out of the war. The King of Sweden, Carl Gustav, and the Swedish peoples did not want the Nazis in their nation. They did not want war touching their land or people. They had chosen to be neutral along with Switzerland for the same reasons. They had had hundreds of years of warring. They chose to be neutral and the world accepted their neutrality.

Sweden assisted with hiding the Jews. Denmark sent many Jews by boat to Sweden. They gave them a place to live and food. Some stayed there after the war and others went to various countries after the war. Sweden help with underground network tasks too for Norway and Finland.

Help in Sweden is called "Hjälp".

They lead the Normandy landings. So yes, they did help Defeat the Nazis.

Yes, the Nazis had lots of help. Most occupied countries helped, except for Denmark.

Yes, they where helping in WW2. First they helped the Nazis but then helped the allies because the Nazis tried to attack Moscow but there tanks froze.

Sweden did to help the Jews is that the Sweden risk their lives.also they let the Jews take them to another country.

They help children who have been hurt during World War ll. . Help Children all over the world during crisis and help with the funding.

The Hitler Youth were young boys ages 10-14 who studied the Nazi ideas during WWII. The Hitler Youth were boys and girls who wanted to become Nazis and help them to come to power, rule the world. They would train in camps to be Nazis. When they were old enough they would become Nazi.

because they folowd him and agreed with what he did and he was baming the Jews for the first world war

Sweden was officially "neutral" during WWII, but its government was informally friendly with Germany.AnswerSweden was neutral but to stay out of WWII they had to give into several German demands, it also did what it could to help the allies and its neighbouring countries, for example nearly every danish Jew escaped to Sweden and Sweden also supplied the norwegian resistance with weapons. Denmark also had its own army brigade,airforce and navy set up in Sweden.AnswerSweden was neutral during WWI, however we did trade with the Germans but the allies stopped a large percent of the swedish trade with Germany and this caused food shortage in Sweden

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Sweden remained neutral during the the whole of WW II and therefore did not assist any combattant party. Despite this neutrality, Sweden gave some covert aid to the Norwegian resistance movement.

most police forces in occupied Europe helped round up the Jews and hand them over to the Nazis, it took the help of many groups as well as the Nazis to implement the Final Solution.

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