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You can not kill Sylvia Drake, She is already dead.

no she did not kill herself

No, but she try's to kill herself.

If you would care enough to read anything, even her Wikipedia page, you could find out quite easily. One of the factors may have been that her husband had been cheating on her for some time, but this also wasn't the first time she'd attempted suicide. She was a very tortured person, for many reasons, and she had a history of depression. (Sorry for the person that answered previously, but current events of that time, I believe had nothing to do with it)

Juilet trys to kill herself by hanging herself, putting a knife to her throat and trying to shoot herself.

dafuq she never tried to kill herself 0-o

its spelled *bieber* but no she did not kill herself, she is very much alive.

Rose Dawson wanted to kill herself because she was unhappy with her life.

No, Rosa Parks did not kill herself. She died of natural causes at the age of 92.

yes there is a girl that kill herself in the girldorm she was bully so much she kill herself

yes demi killed her self she went back to rehab just to kill her self the way she did it is by stabing her self to deathYes she didshe was having suicidal thoghts and was rumored to have been cutting herself but she is not dead she did not kill herselfshe was having suicidal thoghts and was rumored to have been cutting herself but she is not dead she did not kill herself

She stabbed herself with Romeo's dagger.

Juliet kills herself with Romeo's dagger!!!

She kills herself with Romeo's dagger.

She ate hot coals and killed herself. :( :(

yes she killed herself with Hitler in 1945

Cleopatra killed herself in August of 30 BC.

The cast of Smoking Can Kill U - 1999 includes: Peanut as herself Ferro Bonham as herself Tyla Bonham as herself Sofronia Santiago as herself

The cast of Battered Women Who Kill - 2012 includes: Carlene Borden as herself Ruby Jamerson as herself Shirley Lute as herself Tanya Mitchell as herself

Calpurnia never kills her self in To Kill a Mockingbird.

No, he never tried to kill Kim! She tried to kill herself but he never did.

She killed herself with a snake after Marc Antony got killed.

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