How did Ted Bundy choose his victims?

Victim selection is somewhat of a mystery, many times even to the killer himself. Many serial killers choose victims that fit a certain physical criteria that appeals to the killer. Ted Bundy's victims had obvious similarites, dark hair parted in the middle, and of college age (usually). Dr. Helen Morrison, in her book My Life Among The Serial Killers, put forth an interesting theory. She feels that some victim selection may be similar to the physical attraction that happens between two people as they meet and fall in love. The 'spark' of some kind of chemical and/or physical reaction when people are attacted to each other romatically. It seems like a sound theory.

Footnote:The exception to the above victims is Kimberly Leach, the 12 year old who had the misfortune of being Bundy's last kill. It also should be noted that Ann Marie Burr, a young girl living in Tacoma, WA, is believed by many to be Bundy's first victim. The Burr's home was in the direct path of 14 year old Bundy's paper route. Ann Marie was abducted from her bedroom in 1963. Her body was never found, no arrests have been made. Bundy denied he killed her even as he was escorted to Florida's electric chair.