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The great depression affected adults because they lost their jobs and money


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The Great Depression affected all the Americans.

how did the great depression affected Belize

Obesity can cause depression in children as well as adults.

they gave up there homes farms and children

after the depression peple began to have SVV@g

The Great Depression and World War II hampered asset growth in mutual funds

Hoover was alive during the great depression. He was rich enough that it did not personally affect his way of life.

He did nothing about it to be honest...

Once we finish this "recession" we will be calling the last few years the "Greater Depression".

It is widely believed that the Great Depression encouraged nationalism and played a key role on the rise of the Nazis. The Great Depression led to increased protectionism and similar measures.

it effect them because the depression made the labor go down

it does affect alot but the best way is to have sex

affects millions around the world from children to adults and senior citizen.

The Great Depression did hit the Japan hard. The great depression devastated an economy still heavily dependent on export earnings for financing imports of essential fuel and raw materials.

It Didnt Really Afect The Children

Yes it did but not as much as other countries.

The great depression made families poor. Th impact on all of them were very hard

He wanted people to know what was really going on during the Great Depression without having to edit anything.

See link below for good (and conicise) information on the effects of the Great Depression and foreign policy.

The Economy has never been the same after the great depression, even to this day we are still trying to get on our feet with the economy

Yes it did. The depression was a very harsh time for people all over the world.

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