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He changed our lives forever with the bulb and phonograph

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Q: How did Thomas Edison's inventions change lives?
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How did Thomas Edisons inventions change your lives today?

Edison's inventions, perhaps most notably the electric lamp and the phonograph, gave us (among many other things!) artificial light and recorded music.

How many of thomas Edisons inventions do we still use today?

we use over 1000. Thomas Edison made a big in pact in our lives. if it wasn't for him we still be using candles!!

How did Thomas Edison's inventions change people's lives?

it makes our life better and easier with great technology D.T

How did inventions change people lives?

It improved technology.

What were thomas Edison's inventions that changed people's lives?

he invented the light bulb

How did thomas Edison change are lives?

Thomas Edison was a famous inventor that lived between 1847 to 1931. His main invention was the light bulb. Some of his other inventions were the phonograph and the motion picture camera.

How did new inventions and activities change the lives of women?

All of the above

How did clerenc thomas chang peoples lives?

how did clearance Thomas change peoples lives

How did new inventions things change people's lives in 1920?

They learnt to count!

Why was Thomas A Edison the most popular inventor?

because he lit up our lives with his inventions. he invented bulb

How did Chinese inventions change the world?

They are still part of our lives today like the compass, wheel barrel and the umbrella. The Chinese are still making new inventions....

Did Galileo change lives?

well Galileo was a very important man of our history who had many dreams and inventions, such as the telescope. as archaeologists discover more it becomes clear that he did change lives.

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