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One Sunday, on his way to Sunday school, Tom met up with a boy he knew and traded a fishhook and a piece of licorice for a "yaller" (yellow) ticket. As he went along, he traded various items he had for other children's' tickets of various colors. The tickets were a token that were given out when children correctly recited The Bible verses that they were supposed to learn. Every 2 verses earned the child a blue tickets with the Scripture written on it.

Ten blue tickets equaled a red one. Ten red tickets could be turned in for a yellow ticket, and when a child had recited a total of 2000 verses, he would have earned 10 yellow tickets, whereupon he could turn in for a Bible. Tom may not have wanted to learn the verses, but was very interested in the glory received when a child turned in enough tickets for a Bible.

That Sunday, a visitor came, Judge Thatcher, along with his wife and his daughter, Becky Thatcher, and when Tom laid eyes on Becky, his heart swelled with love, and his "engaged" girlfriend, Amy Lawrence swiftly left all his thoughts.

Since the visiting Thatchers were given a special seating, Tom, used this opportunity to turn in his tickets for a Bible, whereupon he was also led to the special seating. Judge Thatcher was very impressed with this young man who had supposedly learned 2000 Scriptures, and praised him. What Tom wasn't ready for was for the Judge to give Tom the opportunity to show off his Biblical knowledge, and when asked who the first two disciples were, Tom, in his anxiety blurted out, "David and Goliath"!

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Tom finds the treasure in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by using a map that he discovers in a hidden drawer, which leads him to the location of the money buried in the cave. He outsmarts Injun Joe and ultimately retrieves the treasure with the help of Huck Finn.

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Q: How did Tom achieve the bibal in The adventure of Tom Sawyer?
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Sid is Tom Sawyer's half-brother.

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Over $12,000

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Tom and Joe played pirates in a pretend adventure in "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain. They imagined themselves as pirates on a ship and had a fun time exploring and acting out their fantasy.

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Probably the lesson will be: take risks, but be cautious.

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In "Tom Sawyer," a treasure map is discovered at Temperance Tavern, which leads Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn on an adventure to find hidden treasure.

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