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How did Tsunami get its name?


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it is word of Japan, in the japan big wave to called tsunami

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The 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.

A tsunami is often referred to as a Tidal Wave.

because it is the Japanese name for tsunami.

Sumatra 2004 2004 Boxing day tsunami

The Name Tsunami is derived from Japanese. It means "harbour waves"

i dont there is java tsunami but i have heard of meteotsunami and megatsuanmi but do check for it

if your parents accept that name for you but no body has that name in America

Tsunamis don't get real names as hurricanes and typhoons do. It is often refereed to as the Boxing Day tsunami or the Indian Ocean tsunami.

Yes, the name "tsunami" originated in Japan. The latest Japanese tsunami hit just after a huge earthquake in mid March 2011.

A tsunami is also known as a 'tidal wave', which used to be the more common term. These days, 'tsunami' seems to be the more commonly used name, at least in the Pacific rim countries where English or Japanese is spoken.

A tidal wave? A Tsunami?

Another name for tidal wave is Tsunami.

Tsunami is the name given to a tidal wave.

Tsunami is now the internationally accepted name of this phenomenon. Tidal wave is no longer used.

Here tsunami; There tsunami our tsunami T tsunami !

I cant be boverd to name all of them so heres a site that will be helpfull it did me... http://library.thinkquest.org/10136/tsunami/tsuntq.htm

Tsunami is the commonly used name for a tidal wave.

They are commonly called 'tidal waves'.

A tsunami is a series of water waves that is caused when a large volume of a body of water, such as an ocean, is rapidly displaced. The Japanese term is literally translated into "harbor wave."

conclusion of tsunami? conclusion of tsunami? conclusion of tsunami?

When did the word tsunami come into being, did it originate years or centuries ago? My family are arguing that it was only about 10 years ago they first heard of the word tsunami, I say it was centuries ago .

tsunamis have occurred in Indonesia

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