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From 1585-1592, at the age of 21, William Shakespeare began his career as an actor and writer. He started off with success and loved the theater which inspired him to write plays. He produced most of his plays from 1589-1613.

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How many full length plays did shakespeare write?

Shakespeare wrote thirty-eight plays which have come down to us. All of them are full-length plays with five acts.

What kind of family did William shakespeare come from?

William Shakespeare probably came from an English background.:)

What inspired Shakespeare to make plays?

William Shakespeare absolutely loved to write poems when he was younger so he decided to go and write them for money, but he ended up writing plays too. He did rehearsals and things for the actors because it became a big thing and more and more people started to come so he charged them more. Later on in his life he worked at the Globe Theatre and all the poor people stood up around the middle and the rich sat on balconies. Shakespeare was inspired to write plays by many other play writers. He changed real life into more imaginary plays.

What play does the line does to be or not to be come from?

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

What country did the poet William Shakespeare come from?


Which Shakespeare plays come out in 1550?

None. This was fourteen years before Shakespeare was born. They weren't even writing plays until the 1560s.

How did Shakespeare come up with ideas for his plays?

well he just did

Did William shakespeare ever come to north America?

I DO hope you were not serious...

Who is credited with coining the phrase A Daniel come to judgment?

William shakespeare

What did Shakespeare achieve?

He achieved the creation of plays whcih come to life.

How did William Shakespeare come to know about Caesar?

He would have learnt about him when he studied History.

Which play did shakespeare write the most by himself?

Shakespeare wrote most of his plays entirely by himself, although he generally borrowed his plots from others. He wrote some of his later plays and perhaps also some of his early ones in collaboration with another playwright. But this cannot come to more than 5 or 6 of his 38 plays.

Were did Shakespeare get his ideas from?

his brain? Also from books he had read. The plots for almost all of his plays come from poems, history books, and older plays which Shakespeare had read and seen.

How many scripts did William Shakespeare write?

In 1623, about seven years after Shakespeare's death, two of his colleagues published a collection of Shakespeare's plays containing 36 scripts, about half of which had been previously published. The play Pericles, which had been published in 1609, was soon added. Scholars now also consider Shakespeare to have been one of the authors of The Two Noble Kinsmen, which was published as written by Shakespeare and Fletcher. (Fletcher almost certainly co- wrote other plays with Shakespeare.) Then there are two titles of plays of which no copies have come down to us: Cardenio and Love's Labour's Won. So that makes forty plays altogether. There may have been more we don't know about.

What play does the line boil boil toil and trouble come from?

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

What kind of genres did William shakespeare wrote?

Shakespeare wrote tragedies, comedies, histories, and a new (for then) type of play that has come to be known as tragicomedy.

What are songs in Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare?

"O mistress mine, where are you roaming?" "Come away, come away death"

Which play does the quote 'Off with his head' come from?

Richard III by William Shakespeare

Were did the quote to be or not to be come from?

Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Read the book if you want to truly understand the quote.

Did shakespeare publish any of his own plays?

No, Shakespeare did not publish his plays himself. A number of other people published them. He did not publish his poetry either. But, when you come to think of it, how many authors are also publishers? Not many.

Did the quote from the 'blinking idiot' come from William shakespeare?

Yes, it's from The Merchant of Venice

How would you explain William Shakespeare's children?

William Shakespeare had sexual relations with the children's mother, his wife Anne. That is usually the explanation of where children come from.

What is a classical monologue?

A classical monologue is one that is from classical plays including one by a Greek playwright. Many classical monologues come from plays by Shakespeare.

What are questions asked about shakespeare?

Boy, did you come to the right site! See where your question is up above this answer? See where it says "In: William Shakespeare (Edit Categories)" Click on Shakespeare's name.

What is the contribution of William Shakespeare in the development of drama?

The period 1550 to 1640 saw the development of English drama from its roots in medieval morality plays and Latin relics to a well-developed literary form and a sophisticated form of entertainment. Most of the major steps in this development had already taken place by the time Shakespeare had come on the scene, but a comparison of plays written before Shakespeare and those after shows that Shakespeare raised the bar to new heights. In particular, his careful plotting and complex characters set an example for the playwrights that followed.

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