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William the Conqueror punished the rebels by burning their homes, their crops, their tools, and even all of their food. Almost 100,000 people died of starvation because of this punishment.Ê

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King William of Normandy how did he punish rebels?

he would hang you and stretch you. also he will chop your ears off. pull your eyes out. By Lois Dorman age 12

What did Edward vi do to punish the rebels?

The rebels involved in Kett's rebellion were defeated at the Battle of Dussindale where around 3,000 are said to have been killed. The day after the battle, Edward VI had the remaining rebels hanged at the Oak of Reformation and outside the Magdalen Gate.

What has the author William M Fowler written?

William M. Fowler has written: 'Rebels Under sail'

What did William Duke of Normandy do to punish the English?

raise taxes

Who commandeered 450 rebels to destroy the town of Lawrence Kansas?

William Clarke Quantrill

Which colony was The Intolerable Acts desighned to punish?

It was designed to punish Massachusetts. The Boston Tea Party was the cause of the intolerable acts. A bunch of rebels dressed up as Indians and dumped all of the English tea into the harbor in response to the tea act which placed a tax on tea.

Was confederate Yankees or Rebels?


What is a sentence for rebels?

My younger brother often rebels in class. The rebels must be stopped!

What is a sentence for the word punish?

We will punish those responsible.Why must you punish me?

What is the translation for rebels in Gaelic?

Irish: ceannaircigh (mutineers, rebels); possibly reibiliúnaigh (rebels). Scottish:

Who made stone keep castles and why?

William the Conqueror made them to protect himself from attacking English rebels trying to knock him off the throne

Where was the headquarters of the rebels in 1916?

the headquarters of the rebels was in Ireland

What is rebels in Greek?

The Greek word for "Rebels" is "αντάρτες".

How did the rebels get defeated?

That would depend on which rebels you are referring to.

What did the English rebels actually do?

What did the English rebels actually do

Why were the Rebels called Rebels?

They were called "Rebels" because the Confederacy chose to rebel against the Union, and broke away from it.

What is the abstract noun for the adjective punish?

The word 'punish' is not an adjective.The word 'punish' is a verb: punish, punishes, punishing, punished.The noun forms of the verb to punish are punisher, punishment, and the gerund, punishing.

T punish or not to punish?

It depends on the circumstances.

What did the three rebels do?

they were not rebels they were musketeers and they raped little dogs

When was Berlin Rebels created?

Berlin Rebels was created in 1987.

When was Pittsburgh Rebels created?

Pittsburgh Rebels was created in 1914.

When did Pittsburgh Rebels end?

Pittsburgh Rebels ended in 1915.

When was Louisville Rebels created?

Louisville Rebels was created in 1957.

When did Louisville Rebels end?

Louisville Rebels ended in 1960.

What happens if Quebec joins the rebels?

the rebels would win

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