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Q: How did Wilson's goal for the peace treaty differ from that of the other allies?
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What feeling did Versailles treaty and the four other treaties negotiated by the allies create?

I just read from my book and it say's the these agreements created feelings of bitterness and betrayal among the victors and the defeated

What mistakes the allies made after World War 1 that led to World War 2?

They didn't give much to Italy and Japan, despite the fact that they had been equal allies with the other countries, such as the US and Britain. Their worst mistake, however, was the Treaty of Versailles. This was MUCH too harsh, and is actually remembered more as the major cause of WWII than as the end of WWI.

What is the treaty of resi?

treaty of resi states what the Germans have to pay or do to the other countries and that they can't rebuild their military

How was World War 1 cause for World War 2?

After World War I ended, the four big countries of the Allies (Great Britain, United States, Italy, and France) sat down and discussed. They came up with the terms for the Treaty of Versailles. Germany thought the Treaty would essentially be based on Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points Speech, which essentially told the other countries to leave Germany alone after the war. However, David Lloyd George (prime minister of Great Britain), George's Clemenceau (prime minister of France), and Vittorio Orlando (prime minister of Italy) wanted Germany to pay for the damage they had caused to the Allies. They demanded reparations, which meant that Germany would have to pay a large sum of money to the Allies (they finished paying it back in 2010). They also confiscated Germany's colonies, which prevented Germany from paying the money back. Finally, the Treaty of Versailles contained the War-Guilt Clause, which blamed the entire war solely on Germany. Germans were outraged by these punishments, but the Allies threatened to continue the war if Germany did not sign the Treaty of Versailles, so they had to sign. Later, Hitler took advantage of the resentment that Germans felt because of the provisions in the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty also reduced Germany's military to 10,000 men in the army, but Hitler remilitarized Germany.

Why was the treaty of Venezuela blamed for starting world war 2?

The treaty was called the Treaty of Versailles. It was a treaty that severely punished Germany for their atrocities and brutality and blamed Germany for the war. The treaty made Germany pay out millions in reparations, get rid of their military, stop manufacturing war products, turn over war items to other nations and a lot of other things were in the treaty. The Treaty had crippled the economy of Germany. People were starving, homeless, jobless and it was all due to the 14 points of the Treaty of Versailles. See the Link Below.

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Who rejected Wilsons fourteen points peace plan?

The other allied nations rejected his plan because it was much softer on Germany than the Treaty of Versailles.

How did soviet plans for eastern europe differ from those of the other allies?

i have no clue

What happen to most of wilsons points in the final draft of the treaty Versailles?

they were fought upon, and the other "four brothers" thought Wilson cared too much about "mankind".

What happened to most of wilsons points in the final draft of treaty of Versailles why?

they were fought upon, and the other "four brothers" thought Wilson cared too much about "mankind".

How did president wilsons goals differ from those of the other three members of the Big Four?

He wanted lasting peace and fairness. the other three members wanted the central powers to pay.

What was tehe point of the Treaty of Versailles?

The Versailles Treaty would be signed in the city of Versailles during the peace conference after the Great War.The Treaty was not really a peace treaty. It was rather a document signifying how big of a victory the allies should claim.Germany lost the war and thus was subjected to the harsh conditions of the Treaty which meant loss of territory, power and resources.The treaty was a dumb move on the allies part. This treaty would bring about miseries in Germany leaving it vulnerable to radical parties like the Nazi party to take control.

Which of wilsons ideas were included in the Versailles treaty?

the League of NationsThe League of Nations was included in the Treaty of Versailles. Many of his other points regarding treaty Germany with respect following the war were ignored by Britain & France.

How did soviet plans for eastern Europe differ from those of other allies?

The Soviet Union did not want allies, they wanted puppet states. They controlled eastern Europe until the wall came down.

What countries are allies with Australia today?

Officially the only allies that Australia has are; The United States of America and New Zealand, through the ANZUS Treaty. Other countries considered allies such as the United Kingdom have no official alliance, but will most likely aid Australia if it were to be invaded.

Are Egypt and Israel good allies?

Egypt and Israel are not good allies as such, may be technically because Egypt is well aware that Israel is there to stay, but they do recognize each other after the signing of the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty in 1979.

Is Egypt and the us allies?

Israel is now the allies of Egypt after they signed a peace treaty in 1979. However, they were not always allies. In 1967 Egypt and Israel went into a 6-day war. In 1956, Israel, along with other countries, invaded Egypt.

Those who believed the US should not enter WW1?

There was a treaty of Versailles, that stopped the Germans from having any allies, make their land bigger, and other stuff.