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It did not, since there was no Feminist Movement in the 1940's. Only a Patriotic Movement. Actually, the ongoing feminist movement that began during WWI was greatly progressed during WWII. Most of the factories and labor jobs had to hire women (Rosie the Riveter) because the men were overseas. Daycare centers were created so that the women could work day-long jobs to support the war effort. While women already had suffrage by the start of WWII, they still had little respect from most of society, but their involvement in the factories to support the war brought them great recognition. However, once the war ended and the men returned home, the men felt threatened by their newly working, independent women, and forced them back into the stereotypical female role...hence the "Susie Homemaker" ideology of the 1950's.

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Q: How did World War 2 help the Feminist Movement?
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How did World War to contribute to the later feminist movement?

It didn’t. Women went back to the house and raising children after the war. It will be 40 years before there is a women’s movement.

What was the feminist movement advocating for women in the post World War 2 era?

They advocated for women to work outside the home in a paid job.

How did world war 11 contribute to the later feminist movements?

It didn’t. Women went back to the house and raising children after the war. It will be 40 years before there is a women’s movement.

What rights and freedoms did women have in Australia after World War 2?

During World War II, women enjoyed high pay and benefits. However, the tables were turned after the war and they returned to the lower pay. This cause a feminist movement that actually changed the laws of Australia.

Which feminist campaigned for birth control after world war 1?

Nellie McClung

Was World War 2 a war of movement or trench warfare?

A war of movement.

Who were the Australian women liberationists after World War 2?

Were a second wave of feminist activism

Which feminist campaigned for birth control before World War 1?

margret sanger

What piece of legislation increased college movement?

The G.I. Bill was made to help increase college movement. This was enacted after World War II.

What was the jewish movement in World War 2 called?

The Jewish Movement in World War 2 was called Armie Juvie.

World war1 was a defensive war world war2 would be a war of what?


Who were the leaders of anti-war organisation the womens peace army?

"Women's peace army" does not compute. Women's Liberationist Movement (nick-named "Women's Lib" for short/or the "Feminist Movement") allied themselves with the civil rights movement, etc.

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