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they drew straws Zeus got the biggest straw he chose the sky, poseidon drew the second largest he chose the ocean ,the only thing left was the underworld for hades but he didnt like that he loved nature

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Q: How did Zeus divide the world after defeating Cronus?
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How is Cronus related to Zeus?

Cronus is Zeus's father.

Is Zeus stronger than cronus?

Evidently, as when Zeus wrestled with Cronus, Cronus lost.

Does Zeus have a son named Cronus?

No, Cronus was Zeus's father.

Why did Zeus kill Cronus?

Zeus did not kill his father Cronus, he cast him into Tartarus. He did this to rule.

Was Zeus the sun of cronus?

Yes Zeus was the son of Cronus and Rhea.

Who isThe father of Zeus and who swallowed his children?

Cronus is the father of Zeus. Cronus swallowed his own children. But Rhea saved Zeus and hid him from Cronus so he wouldn't swallow him. Rhea gave cronus a rock wrapped in cloth instead of Zeus so Cronus swallowed the rock.

Did Cronus swallow Zeus?

No, Cronus did not swallow Zeus. His mother, Rhea, hid him away and gave Cronus a wrapped stone instead.

Who killed cronus?

Zeus killed cronus (his father)

Who did Zeus overthrow?

The Titans, amongst who was his father Cronus. Zeus overthrew his father Cronus or Saturn.

Why is Saturn Jupiter's father?

because Saturn was Cronus and Jupiter was Zeus and Cronus Was Zeus's dad

Why did Zeus fight with Cronus?

Zeus fought Cronus because Mother Earth was angry at Cronus and knew that one of his sons could defeat him. Cronus was eating his children so he wouldn't be overthrown but Rhea, his wife, made sure Zeus wasn't eaten. Then, when Zeus was old enough, he fought Cronus.

Why was Cronus enemy of Zeus?

Cronus did not want Zeus, his son, or any child of his to live to usurp him from the throne. Which was just what Zeus and his siblings did.