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Pterodactylus had no armor whatsoever. In the case of an attack by a predator, Pterodactylus would have flown away to escape.

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Did Samurais use armor?

They are famous for their armor.

What did the pterodactyl eat?

it ate things. Pterodactyl food

Who invented armor?

Chainmail was the first effective use of armor.

How to use armor in a sentence?

the guy was wearing the armor in the war

Is a pterodactyl a vertebrate or an invertebrate?

A pterodactyl is a reptile and thus a vertebrate.

Was the pterodactyl fastest dianasaur?

No and the Pterodactyl is not a dinosaur. It is a flying reptile.

Is a pterodactyl a saurischian or a ornithischian?

Neither. Pterodactyl was a pterosaur, not a dinosaur.

How long did a pterodactyl live for?

an pterodactyl lived for thousands of years.

Is a pterodactyl a vertebrate?

Yes, pterodactyl were from a branch of reptiles, and reptiles are vertebrates.

Was there ever really a pterodactyl?

Yes, pterodactyl, or pterodactylus was a real animal.

What is better Tier 10 armor or Season 8 armor?

That would depend on what purpose you use it for. Tier 10 armor is for PvE and Season 8 armor is for PvP. If you use PvE armor in PvP you will die very quickly, and if you use PvP armor in raids you will not be very effective. Stick to the armor type that matches the content you play in. If you "cross-dress" armor, consider it one season or tier lower for easy math. For instance, T10 armor would be about equivalent to Season 7 armor in PvP.

When was Ancient Order of the Pterodactyl created?

Ancient Order of the Pterodactyl was created in 1977.

Is pterosaur another name for pterodactyl?

No. Some people will generically call pterosaurs pterodactyl, but it is incorrect to do so. Pterodactyl was just one kind of pterosaur.

What kind of armor did Athens in greek use?

they wore underwear over there armor

How do you get pumking armor in dragonfable?

You can only unlock the armor during Mogloween/Halloween (and use outside Mogloween with the Armor Closet).

How do you use power armor in fallout 3?

In order to use power armor you need to get trained in power armor. You can get trained from the Brotherhood of steel. or if you want power armor early on in the game beat operation Anchorage and get the Winterized power armor youl find theres a glitch that has taught you to wear power armor

Is a pterodactyl a lizard or a mammal?

Neither. Pterodactyl belong to a group of reptiles separate from lizards.

How is the pterodactyl a reptile?

Not only dose the pterodactyl have feathes but it also has scales and it is cold-blooded

How do you spell pterodactyl?

That is the correct spelling for pterodactyl, one type of flying dinosaur (pteradon).

What is the best armor in Skyrim?

i have found that the ebony mail is a good armor to use but if your looking for a very high defence get daedric armor

Were do you find orange armor in runescape?

Take a piece of armor and use an orange dye on it.

When was Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills created?

Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills was created in 1997.

What is the pterodactyl game?

Pterodactyl is a game where you cant show your teeth and you have to go in a circle and keep saying pterodactyl and if some one squaks at you, its like a reverse in uno. If you show your teeth, your out.

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