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a strong military was funded

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How did a sting economy help the Byzantine empire survive?

A strong military was funded

How did a strong economy help the Byzantine survive?

a strong military was funded

What type of economy did the byzantine empire have?

It had a strong, trading economy that was based on the silk road.

What was the economy of the byzantine empire?

It had a strong trading economy, which made its capital, Constantinople, the most powerful and wealthiest city in the world for many centuries.

What other empire had a strong relationship with the church?

byzantine empire

What made the Byzantine Empire strong for so many years?


Which statement accurately contrasts the Ottoman and Byzantine empires during the 1400s?

The Ottoman Empire was expanding, unified, and strong, while the Byzantine Empire was declining, divided, and weak.

Why did the capture of Constantinople by the Ottomans mark the end of the byzantine empire when Constantinople was captured by Venice before during the Fourth Crusade?

The Byzantine Empire did not recover from the fall of Constantinople to the Turks because the Turks were a strong local power which captured all of the remaining byzantine territory. Whereas the 4th Crusaders were few in number after they divided up the empire and they only captured part of the Byzantine Empire, the remainder of the Empire split into independent Byzantine powers, one of which the Empire of Nicaea eventually recaptured Constantinople and restored the Byzantine Empire.

How did Justinians code help make the byzantine empire strong and successful?

the justinians make to byzantie empire foe fight

What are some characteristics of the byzantine empire?

They were very strong & had some good emperors. They are the continuation of Rome.

What is Byzantine empire?

The Byzantine Empire was the eastern half of the Roman Empire, but when Rome fell to barbaric conquerors such as Alaric the Byzantine Empire stayed strong. Constantinople, named after Constantine, the Roman Emperor who converted to Christianity on the battlefield, was originally called Byzantium, and it was the center of the Byzantine Empire. The two most famous people of the Byzantine Empire was Emperor Justinian and his empress, Theodora. They were famous because of their efforts to reunite the Mediterranean under Roman rule. Unfortunately Theodora died of cancer in June of 548, but she and her husband reconquered the Mediterranean before her death.

A strong emperor of the byzantine empire?

Justinian I, Leo III, John I Tzimisces, Basil II, Manuel I

What mixture of culture was the byzantine?

The culture of the Byzantine Empire was predominantly Greek. The Greeks had already been exerting a strong influence over the eastern Mediterranean for centuries. The populations of the Balkan Peninsula north of Greek had been romanised and had a strong Latin influence.

Why was the eastern roman empire able to stay strong?

The eastern roman empire was able to stay strong because Constantinople and other eastern cities were on trade routes. The economic gains from trade of spices and other items from far east guaranteed wealth and stability. The eastern empire was able to stay rich and strong and then it became known as the Byzantine Empire. :)

What made the Byzantine Empire great?

one of the things that made them great are that they had a strong millitary, a great trade relations, and they had good relations with china.

Which empire lasted almost 1000 years by developing a strong government and economy?

It is the Assyrian and Babylonian Empire which is in Mesopotamia (which is currently Iraq) hope that helped

What role did trade play in the success of the byzantine empire strong?

The answer is: It made a big role by saving the empire for a lot more years than it used to be:) Your welcome:) Incase contact me: +7702778945 THX;)

Why is a strong economy important?

what is a strong economy important

Why did Russia have a strong economy in 1945?

it had a strong economy

What is a strong economy important?

why is a strong economy important

Does Chile have a strong or weak economy?

Chile has a fairly strong economy.

What policies and reforms helped make the Byzantine culture?

The location of its capital city, Constantinople, helped to make it safe from invaders and accessible to trade. The policies and reforms of Emperor Justinian and his wife, Empress Theodora, helped make the Byzantine Empire strong.

As a ruler of Perisa was Darius most interested in making Persia's empire strong?

He wanted to make it strong to survive. He was equally interested in making it governable by establishing control through local governors, and improving prosperity as the basis of a viable empire.

Why was it important that the emperors of the Chaldean and Persian Empires to be strong?

An empire will not survive if the central control is weak - the countries drift or split away.

Why was China the Byzantine and Abbasid empire called the political and economic anchors?

the empires and dynasties of China, Byzantine, and Abbasid were able to establish a strong trade network that led to the spread and emergence of religions that contributed to the expansion of religions and contact between existing empires