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Q: How did allosaurus keep from getting stuck in the mud?
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What are mud tires used for?

Mud tires are used for driving in the mud or in sand. They keep a truck for getting stuck and digging a hole in the road.

Do turkeys drown by getting beak stuck in the mud?

no it is hi

Rabbit keeps getting straw and mud stuck to the underneath of his tail?

if he goes on mud and grass

Where does the apostrophes go Matthew dog was stuck in the mud?

Matthew's dog was stuck in the mud.

Used to prevent trucks from becoming stuck in the mud?

dont stop keep the gas to the floor.

What is the function of a cheap mud tire?

The function of a mud tire in general is to help the vehicle navigate its way out of mud or prevent the vehicle from getting stuck in mud. If one purchases cheap mud tires, they may not be as effective.

Where can one find ways of avoiding their car getting stuck in the mud?

You can find ways to avoid getting your car stuck in the mud online at the WikiHow website. As a general rule it is best to avoid off-roading with your vehicle unless it is capable of handling it.

Could a T-rex get stuck in the mud?

Certainly! The would often get stuck in mud, particularly in sink holes.

What makes your brakes get stuck?


What to do if your car is stuck in the mud?

pull it out

How do you use stuck in a sentence?

My foot got stuck in the mud!Gerson

When is a Chinese get a robot?

it got stuck in the mud

What do you call a frog who is stuck in the mud?

He is unhoppy.

Is it possible for a kangaroo to get stuck in mud?

A kangaroo could get stuck in mud, especially if it was bounding along at high speed and landed in a muddy swamp.

What actors and actresses appeared in Stuck in the Mud - 2011?

The cast of Stuck in the Mud - 2011 includes: Cameron Guest as Last Man Standing

Is it better to have more or less friction when a car tire gets stuck in mud or snow?

It is better to have more friction when stuck in mud or snow, so that you can more easily get un-stuck.

What are the release dates for Wild Justice - 2010 Stuck in the Mud?

Wild Justice - 2010 Stuck in the Mud was released on: USA: 8 March 2013

Matthews dog was stuck in the mud where does the apostrophes go?

Matthew's dog was stuck in the mud.The sentence shows a possessive between the dog and Matthew.Another: Matthews dog and the boys' hounds were stuck in the mud.

What vehicle wont get stuck in mud and ice?

A hovercraft

The name of the technique when stuck in mud or snow?

rocking out

Why doesnt a car move when stuck in mud?

When a car gets stuck in the mud, two things are at work. First of all the mud is very slick. The tires of the car have no traction and simply spin helplessly trying to move the heavy weight of the car. Secondly, mud, if it is deep, has suction. It literally sucks the car's tires, holding the car in the mud. Combine this with mud's slickness and your car is literally stuck.

Can non 4x4 trucks go off road?

Sure can. But be careful of getting into too much mud or loose sand you may get stuck.

Why The mud houses with thatched roofs keep cool in summer?

because they are made of mud and mud helps to keep heat out

What are the release dates for Heavy Haulers - 2009 Stuck in the Mud - 1.3?

Heavy Haulers - 2009 Stuck in the Mud - 1.3 was released on: USA: 20 May 2010

How did dinosaurs die on mud?

They didn't. They fossilized in the mud. They got stuck in tar, though, and died of starvation.