How did angle waterfalls form?

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What state has the largest waterfalls in the us?


Are waterfalls a land form?


What are the five biggest waterfalls in the world?

jog victoi angle igasu

Where do waterfalls and rapids usually form?

Waterfalls and rapids are formed in the upper course of a river.

Do waterfalls form in valleys?

Waterfalls are formed when water flows over resistant rock. And yes they do.

Why might Yosemite Park have so many height waterfalls?

Because there are so many waterfalls, that they could form high mount.

What countery is Angle Falls in?

Angel Falls, the worlds tallest known waterfalls are in Venezuela, in South America.

What does it mean for one line to be perpendicular to another?

That they meet to form an angle of 90 degrees.That they meet to form an angle of 90 degrees.That they meet to form an angle of 90 degrees.That they meet to form an angle of 90 degrees.

Where do rays meet to form an angle?

They meet at a vertex to form an angle

What causes waterfalls to form?

many waterfalls are formed at the edge of a slope that was part of a river. they occur when river flows over different types of rock.

How do you convret polar form of complex number into algebraic form?

For a complex number in polar form with Magnitude, and Angle: (Magnitude)*(cos(angle) + i*sin(angle)) will give the form: a + bi

Will any two rays form an angle?

Will Any two rays form an angle?

When two rays have the same endpointthey form what angle?

They can form an angle of nay measure.

What is the plural form of angle?

The plural of "angle" is "angles".

What is the answer for an angle form that is a square corner.?

right angle

Can perpendicular lines form a right angle?

perpendicular lines always form a right angle

A ray that forms part of an angle?

The two rays that form an angle are called the legs or sides of the angle. The meeting point of the two rays that form an angle is called the vertex.

Do waterfalls have to be of a certain height to be considered waterfalls?

No, They don't they are classified waterfalls by their features.

Two rays that form an angle are called the what of the angle?


Why is a straight angle not considered an angle in geometry?

2 angles that form a straight line

Point were two lines form an angle?

The point where two lines form an angle is called the vertex.

What do two line segments with a common end point form?

No. They form an angle.

Does 51213 form a right angle?

If you mean 5 by 12 by 13 then they will form a right angle triangle

Are intersecting lines that form right angle?

Intersecting lines that form a right angle are perpendicular lines.

Why do roads form an acute angle?

Roads don't always form an acute angle, they can form a right angle. If you are really picky, you might say that they can never form a perfect right angle, so two of the angles formed must be acute (and the other two obtuse).