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Where was cotton spun in Britain in 1900?

Deh Ken Baby<3 xxx

In 1900 what was the average life expectancy?

The average baby born in 1900 could expect to live 47.3 years.

How much does one baby Ruth bar cost?


What can happen to my baby if i give it the fathers last name and we're not married?

Nothing will happen to your baby, your baby will just be a bastard.

How much does a baby tiger shark cost?

around $1900 to $3000

If the baby is fall what you do?

carry the baby to doctor or the clinic as soon as it happen to have a check up because something bad can happen to the baby it can tern dom or the baby can die if it fall really hard so if u dont go to the doctor as soon as it happen well something bad can happen wish you all the best with the baby

What will happen if a women sleeps with a guy?

if were protection no baby if not a baby

When did Ada Williams - baby farmer - die?

Ada Williams - baby farmer - died on 1900-03-06.

What happen if your baby drink expired milk?

Baby little sick

What will happen if the condoms break?

you have a baby

Will you give birth early as baby has a duplex kidney?

i dont think that that will happen as my baby was born late and she has the condition i dont think that that will happen as my baby was born late and she has the condition

What would happen is someone with leukemia was going to have a baby?

The baby might also have it.

Is morning sickness is a symptom of baby boy?

No, it can happen whatever the gender of the baby.

What will happen if a brother and a sister have a baby?

They will look alike and something bad will happen

What happen at your last month of pregnancy?

you have the baby

Why does reproductin happen?

Cos of love baby!

When did the baby boom happen?

Every baby on the earth will simultaneously explode in the year 2046

What will happen if you are pregnant an you drink Windex?

the woman will be poisoned and will have a dead baby in her or a disfigued baby

Is it possible for guinea pigs to have one baby and that baby dies?

yes. unfortuantly this can happen

What can happen to a baby when its mom is doing drugs?

the baby might be born with a birth defect

Did BeyoncΓ© kill her first baby?

She had a miscarriage, which can happen to anyone, she didn't kill the baby.

When did Baby Pac-Man happen?

Baby Pac-Man happened in 1982.

What happens if you use contraception and after becoming pregnant?

Nothing will happen to the baby. That is how it normally happen.

What is going to happen in Eastenders?

ronnies baby dies of cot birth and she swaps her dead baby with kats alive baby

Can a white woman have a baby for a black man an the baby look white?

It is quite rare but it does happen.