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Q: How did balloons change warfare?
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When did warfare change?

Warfare change from the Revolutionary War to present day.

Why does a balloons change shape when squeeze it?

Balloons can be twisted into shapes because of particles of gas can be compressed.

How do you write a change minus problem?

bob has 40 balloons, tom has 20 fewer than bob. how many balloons does tom have?

How did petroleum change modern warfare?

It didn't, it might be considered to be a factor in the change to it being called modern warfare. Tanks airplanes ships and other vehicles are all part of modern warfare

How did things change because of the hot air balloon?

i like balloons

How did World War 1 change the nature of warfare?

World War 1 introduced aerial warfare with airplanes and trench warfare

Why did warfare change through world war 2?

they used trench warfare and used powerful machineguns

What are air crafts used for?

Aircraft, such as aeroplanes, hot air balloons, helicopters etc are used for many different things. Often they are used for recreational purposes. Some aircraft, such as fighter jets or helicopters such as the Apache are used in warfare, both to fight and to transport weapons, food and troops. Some balloons are also used as scientific researching devices such meterology balloons.

Can you change your crosshair on modern warfare 2 PS3?


How did warfare change during the industrial revolution?


What the causes of cultural change?

Three causes of Cultural change are, migration, trade, and warfare.

Is a bursting balloon a physical change?

no, bursting of balloons is a physical change as the only change that occurs that that the shape of the balloon changes . Coming out of air is not a chemical change.