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There is no real answer for how the first blacksmith made his tools because most of that information is lost in time. My guess is the first blacksmith used wooden tools and kept them wet to limit the burning. the first hammer was probably a rock and the first anvil another rock.

Today when i make a tool I take a long piece of steel and heat one end so that i can shape it. Iron transfers heat very slowly down the steel so i can hold it with a gloved hand without burning myself. If i have to shape both ends then I shape and finish one end and then cool it in water so it is cool to the touch. I can then heat and shape the other end.

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to make tools and wepons for the colony

they got there tools by blacksmith

Mostly, a blacksmith on the frontier made horseshoes, or nails, or plows, or shovels, or scythes, or pitchforks. Farming tools.

You have it the wrong way round. The blacksmith created tools for himself and the people who needed them, such as farmers, farriers and millers.

The blacksmith not only made shoes for horses and oxen and applied them but also made such hardware as latches, hinges, and irons, farm tools, nails, hammers, axes, chisels, and carving tools.

Colonial milliner's used the tools from a blacksmith.

blacksmiths were people who would bend and flex metal to make weapons such as knives, swords, and daggers, but also would make fences gates and other tools

Blacksmiths set up shops to make and sell iron tools and saddles. The livery stable and the blacksmith were sometimes operated by the same person. The metal for the saddles was made by the blacksmith, and the leather was usually made by someone else.

he uses tools like hammers and chisels to make things out of metal. eg. knifes swords metal trays and alot more.

The role of the medieval blacksmith, like that of blacksmiths before and after the middle ages, was to work iron and make iron products such as horseshoes, tools bars, gates and many other products.

The blacksmith makes shoes for horses and oxen. He also makes such hardware as latches, hinges, and irons, farm tools, nails, hammers, axes, chisels, and carving tools.

Blacksmith use to make cups for rich people make house shoes and make tool such as hammers anvils and chisels i am doing a report on this so i hope it helps you

Because Magwitch knows a blacksmith will have tools that will break his chains.

No, a blacksmith makes metal tools, horse shoes etc a tanner makes leather from animal skins.

hammers, anvils ,files ,hacksaws, forge

They used to in the old days. Now they use their own tools or get them from the company store.

The place where a blacksmith works is called a blacksmith's house or stable. The house can be made of wood and a blacksmith need physical strength to produce items such as grilles, gates, and tools.

it really depends some did not make items they just worked at shops.Others made stuff e.g a blacksmith made horseshoe or seemstres s fixed the towns clothes.also they the pioneer blacksmith made heos,scyithes,and many other tools.

A hammer and anvil are tools used by blacksmith to form metal .

A blacksmith or farrier. They make horseshoes as well as put them on the horse. This is what people mean when buying a horse they say 'does the horse stand for the blacksmith/farrier?'

to provide metal tools and service to mules and horses

The Blacksmith would make houses and gardens using iron gates and other things.

they made their tools by rocks, hair, ect.

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