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In life, Chucky was the notorious Lakeshore Strangler, Charles Lee Ray. In addition to being a murderer, he was also a student of voodoo and black magic, and had been taught a soul transfer chant by his mentor, John, whom he later kills in his apartment before he tells him how to transfer his soul out of the doll. When Detective Norris fatally wounds Charles in the beginning of the film, he breaks into a toy store and does the incantation before his physical body dies. And also because he eats pants

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Q: How did chucky the doll became a doll?
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When did Chucky turn bad?

The Good Guy Doll that was Chucky was just an inanimate object until Charles Lee Ray placed his soul into it. It was then is when Chucky became evil.

What is chucky about?

Chucky is based on a killer doll.

How tall is the Chucky doll?

Chucky is 48"

What is the movie that has Chucky the doll in it?

The Child's Play movies are about Chucky the killer doll.

What is chucky doll rated?

The movie Child's Play that features the doll Chucky is rated R.

What traveling British doll show had a red headed doll?

Childs play, seed of chucky or chucky.

Is the Chucky doll real?

No. Chucky is a fictional movie.

Is chucky unmarried?

Chucky is a doll. Of cause he is not married

Who is chucky the doll based on?

Chucky is based on a doll called Robert, who was believed to be possessed. For the history of Robert the doll, see related links.

What was the Title for that Doll Horror movie?

chucky movies their is chils play 1,2 and 3 (wita good guy doll) doll brand name <-- and his nae is chucky he kills people bride of chucky seed of chucky

What kind of doll is Chucky?

He was Good Guy Doll

How does Tiffany in Chucky become a doll?

Chucky electrocuted Tiffany while she was taking a bath. Afterwards, he put her soul into a bride doll.

What chucky doll movie is better the bride of chucky or the seed of chucky?

For as bad as "Bride of Chucky" was, "Seed of Chucky" was a complete piece of comedic trash.

Who is chucky the killer doll?

chucky is a serial killer from the movie child's play.

Where can you get a chucky the killer doll doll for your 13 year old daughter?

Well, i got mine from spencers in the mall, they sell them on eBay 2. Hope this information helps(: You can found the Chucky doll and other stuff from "Bride of Chucky" with the link below.

In bride of chucky why did chucky turn Tiffany into a doll?

he didn't turn her into a doll he just made the spirit of the woman she killed in the tub part go into her

What type of doll is Chucky?

Chucky is a Good Guy doll possesed by the soul of the serial killer Charles Lee Ray a.k.a the Lakeshore Strangler

Is there such thing as chucky the doll?

The Chucky Doll from the movie Child's Play has been made and has been reproduced to fans as toys. But will it come alive and kill you? No.

Who was the doll in Child's Play?


What is lil chucky's real name?

Chucky's real name is Rashad Ballard. Charles Lee Ray is the Chucky doll from the movie.

Is the movie Chucky real?

There is no movie called Chucky. The movies that feature Chucky the killer doll are called the Child's Play movies: Child's Play, Child's Play 2, Child's Play 3, and so on, up to the new sequels, Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky. To answer your question, no, Chucky isn't real. How could a killer doll be real?

In which film did the famous Chucky doll first appear?

Charles Lee Ray also known as "The Lakeshore Strangler" or "Chucky" is a character from the Child's Play series. The first film featuring the Chucky doll was released in 1988.

Where can one find Chucky dolls?

If you are interested in purchasing the popular horror movie Chucky doll then you will find several websites available. Ebay, Toywiz, Spencer's, and Amazon are just a few of the websites that offer a Chucky doll.

Is chucky still alive?

Chucky from Child's Play is a doll, and a fictional character. He was never alive.

Who would win - Freddy or Chucky?

Freddy would win. Chucky is just a li'l doll.