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What happened with the rise of middle class during the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution is responsible for the rise of the middle class

The rise of great cities has been the result mainly of the?

Industrial revolution.

Pitiful conditions created by the Industrial Revolution gave rise to?

Pitiful conditions during the industrial revolution gave rise to labor reform. It also gave rise to the first unions to enforce safety regulations.

What is a sentence for industrial revoluion?

The industrial revolution changed the world overnight.An unfortunate side effect of the industrial revolution was the rise of capitalism.

What are some of the effects of the Industrial Revolution?

First of all it gave rise to industrial pollution and people from village used to go to urban area cities due to morden facilites and job

The rise of the modern factory system in England during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries is known as the?

Industrial Revolution

What did the pitiful conditions created by the Industrial Revolution give rise to?

The poor conditions of workers during the Industrial Revolution gave rise to labor and wage laws with the goal of improved conditions. It resulted in a shift in power that gave lower classes more control over their circumstances.

What are the causes the rise of Empire of Britain?

The "Industrial Revolution" was one of them for sure.

What was one effect of the rise of factories during the industrial revolution?

workers needed fewer skills and less training to do most factory jobs

How did the Industrial Revolution contribute to the rise of sectionalism in the US?

The Industrial Revolution impacted sectionalism because it brought the era of goods to the nation and the parts started to divide.

Why did the US and Canada first encourage immigration?

They first encouraged immigration to increase the work force.with Industrial Revolution,the end of slavery,and the rise of cities, the demand for workers was great.

What were 3 effects of the Industrial Revolution?

There were many effects of the industrial revolution in America and around the world. One of those was the distinct change in the family unit. Before the industrial revolution, families worked together on their farms. The rise of factories took men out of the home and left women to tend to the children and the domestic tasks. Another effect was the rise of the middle class, caused in part by the rising need for "white collar" workers. A third effect is the rise of cities, or "urbanization". People needed to be closer to their factory jobs and so needed to live closer to the industries.

What political develpoments during the middle ages help weaken feudalism?

Basically the French Revolution and the Agricultural Revolution (which developed into the Industrial Revolution). The French Revolution showed the people of Europe that it is possible to overthrow a tyrannical monarchial government and establish a democracy. With the development of the Industrial Revolution, capitalism allowed, in theory, anyone to rise to the elite upper class.

How did the Agricultural Revolution plus the Industrial Revolution lead to various 18th century Democratic Revolution How and why did money play a role in these uprisings?

== == the agracultural revolution contributed to the industrial revolution by creating new nitches to be filled an thus giving rise to new inventions the agracultural revolution contributed to the industrial revolution by creating new nitches to be filled an thus giving rise to new inventions Making somthing by hand. Population D. Pollution

What did the American Industrial Revolution give rise to as far as its citizens were concerned?

the working class

How did the evil effects of industrial revolution help in the rise of socialism?

they were making hardships for others

How are the french and Industrial Revolutions similar?

They are not, The French Revolution was about the overthrow of a monarchy and the creation of a Republic, while the Industrial Revolution was about the rise of factories and machines, and the movement away from an agrarian society.

A long-term result of the Industrial Revolution in Europe was?

a general rise in the standard of living

Why The nineteenth century saw the rise of a new social order shaped by?

The emergence of the industrial revolution

The pitiful conditions created by the industrial revolution gave rise to what?

The Iron Workers Revolt of 1886

How was the cottage industry affected by the industrial revolution-?

The industrial revolution introduced a wide range of products that could be mass produced cheaply and distributed. The rise of the industrial revolution meant the end of the cottage industries. Many former cottage industry owners went to the city to work in the factories.

What were the two primary drawbacks to the American Industrial Revolution?

poor working conditions rise of trusts and monopolies

Around which of the following major historical periods did Earth's population begin to rapidly rise?

the Industrial Revolution

Which characteristic of the industrial revolution contributed to the rise of labor unions?

The working conditions found in many factories.

What might explain the rise of global inequality during the Industrial Revolution?

industrialization widened the wealth gap between industrialized and nonindustrialized countries, even though it strenghtened their economic ties.

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