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Continental drift has also affected organisms that are alive today. When populations of organisms become widely separated their genetic make-up may change in different ways.

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How living things can affect the different characteristics and development of soil?

Living "things" or Organisms can affect the characteristics of soil in many ways. Geographical location, pollution, the amount of living organisms in the soil, as well as any dead organisms in the soil will change its characteristics and development.

How does continental drift affect living organisms?

If its for online homework and theres an "All of the above" answer its that one fasho

How does earth geological features affect the ability of organisms to live in different places?

Earth geological features affect the ability of organisms to live in different places because the temperatures change. Since animals and other organisms have different requirements to live, they have to live in different places.

How do different densities affect small organism?

small organisms have more oxgyen than big organisms

How does continental location affect the climate?

Continents that are on the equator are hotter. The farther away from the equator a continent is, the cooler the climate is.

How does wind Affect living organisms?

Wind can affect living organisms in many different ways. Some examples are lowering their body temperature and eroding their habitat.

How can soil affect plant life in an ecosystem?

it will make the location different

How did continental drift affect the location of different organism?

Continental drift is the theory that the continents were once together. Fossils provide evidence that animals in different continents were once in the same location. For example, fossils of triolobites (prehistoric animals) are found in South America and in Africa. Some explorers thought that there was a land bridge that animals crawled on that crosses the ocean but their thinking is not logical because if there was a land bridge there is not a way for it to even form do to the horrific waves in the ocean. Therefore continental drift is a logical theory.

How did the continental shift theory affect evolution?

The ultimate allopatric ( geographic ) speciation. If you had a population of quite similar organisms in a area that split the population into two or more populations when continental drift occurred you would have different mutations and changing environments putting selective pressure on two or more populations now.

What are the different factors that affect climate?

There are several different factors that affect climate. They are mountains, location in relation to the equator, terrain, and many other things.

How does light affect life in the oceans?

basically it affects the different types of organisms living there. basically it affects the different types of organisms living there. photosenthesys is also present when sunlight is.

What factors affect the location of different types of economic activities?

The location of natural Resources and energy will affect the various types of economic activities that come with access to said resources.

Would altitude affect the elevation at which some organisms are found?

It would because different animals can live in different climates

What are three ways that bacteria affect other organisms?

how does bacteria affect other organisms

How did the romes location affect its development?

How did Rome's location affect its development

How would an oil spill in the Continental Shelf affect the environment of all living organisms?

it would kill all the species that live there, because obviously its an oil spill.

Can two organisms have different genotypes but the same phenotype?

Yes, if the difference in genotype doesn't affect the phenotype.

What can affect a organisms life span?

many things can affect a organisms life span, such as somking and such.

How are predator-prey relationships different from symbiotic relationships?

Symbiotic organisms only affect their host, where as predators and prey affect their surrounding environment as well.

What factors affect region location decision?

What factors affect region location decision?

How did mountains affect the location of Greek settlements?

It divided Greece into different regions-travel and communication were difficult.

What kind of organisms do cancer affect?

multicellular organisms only

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