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Q: How did cuneiform change the world?
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How did the cuneiform change life?

Cuneiform writing was significant in the ancient world as it allowed for record-keeping, communication, and administrative tasks to be carried out more efficiently. This writing system facilitated the development of written laws, literature, and economic transactions, transforming societies by enabling the recording and transmission of knowledge and information.

How did cuneiform change over the history of Mesopotamia?

Cuneiform became more abstract and changed from being just simple pictographs to becoming wedge-shaped lines.

Are tarsals called cuneiform?

Yes, cuneiform bones are a type of tarsal bone located in the foot. There are three cuneiform bones: the medial cuneiform, intermediate cuneiform, and lateral cuneiform.

What helped spread ideas around the world?

The library in Nineveh

What is the Historical significance of cuneiform?

the earlies know writing systems in the world

What is a cuneiform and what dose it look like?

Cuneiform is an ancient writing system that was used in Mesopotamia. It consists of wedge-shaped characters that were made by pressing a stylus into clay tablets. Cuneiform script was one of the earliest forms of writing in the world.

How did cuneiform change over time?

they changed o ver time because i said so

What is the differe nce between pictograms and cuneiform writing?

Pictograms are symbols that represent objects or concepts, while cuneiform is a system of writing using wedge-shaped characters. Cuneiform was used in ancient Mesopotamia, while pictograms are found in various cultures around the world. Cuneiform evolved into a more complex writing system, while pictograms are simpler and more direct in their representation.

Is Cuneiform a short bone?

Cuneiform bones are located in the foot and are not considered short bones. Cuneiform bones help to form the arch of the foot and are essential for weight distribution.

What did the cuneiform do?

Cuneiform was one of the earliest forms of writing developed by the Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamia. It was used for record-keeping, communication, religious texts, and administrative purposes. The use of cuneiform allowed for the recording and dissemination of information, which was crucial for the development of complex societies in the ancient world.

What are the characteristics of cuneiform?

Cuneiform are wedded shape

Who created cuneiform?

Cuneiform was created by the Sumerians.