Cuneiform script, an ancient wedge-shaped script of Mesopotamia and Persia, is one of the earliest pictographic forms of written expression that emerged in Sumer around the 30th century BC. In the Iron Age Neo-Assyrian Empire, Cuneiform writing was replaced by alphabetic writing and was extinct by the beginning of the Common Era.

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How did Sir Henry Rawlinson discover cuneiform?

The Rosetta Stone written in three languages including hierglyphics, demotic (cunieform) and Greek.

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What ancient civilization created cuneiform?

it was the sumerians


What is cuneiform?

What is cuneiform

Ancient History

What ancient civilization invented the wheel and cuneiform writing?

The Babylonians invented the wheel and the cuneiform writing 3000 bce


What effect did the invention of cuneiform writing have other cultures in mesopotamia?

cuneiform was one of the first or the first writing system, it made other cultures insignificant and not as technologically advanced. It gave the other cultures a need for a writing system and a reason to begin becoming more advanced in society.


Is cuneiform capitalized?

yes it was capitalized....


How are the Phoenician alphabet and cuneiform writing different?

The Phoenician Alphabet was a phonetic system with 22 letters that represent consonants.

The Cuneiform system used pictographs to represent entire words and concepts, and had many thousands of characters.


What is three ways the Sumerians made use of Cuneiform?

  1. Sumerians invented cuneiform to keep track of business dealings.
  2. Sumerians used cuneiform to trade with people who lived in lands that were hundreds and even thousands of miles away.
  3. People used cuneiform to keeps records of new ideas and easily pass them from generation to generation.
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Why did the cuneiform develop at this time?

That time, was just the transition from picture writing to the sign and symbol font. The cuneiform writing actually began as a series of images, which was later forced into a series of wedges into clay. Why was just written in clay?The development of cuneiform writing is closely associated with clay. Because of these exist in abundance in Mesopotamia, was this as a writing material at the most affordable and best suited to capture three-dimensional characters. Why was just developed in the Mesopotamia cuneiform? Mesopotamia was at that time the "big apple" in terms of cultural hegemony.


Was cuneiforms only written by the KASSITES?

No. it was used to write Akkadian and Sumerian.


How many colours make up the rainbow?

Seven - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet


What does your name look like in cuneiform writing?



Why why were scribes so important to sumerian society?

Scribes probably wrote down every important detail about the king and priest's meetings and requirements to please the god protecting the city-state.


How long did Cuneiform take to learn?

Boys began learning when they were small children, and stopped when they reached 12 yrs of age. School started at sunrise, and ended at sunset.

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Why do you read binary digits right to left?

All numbers are read in order of most significant digit to least significant digit.

Binary digits are read right to left the same way numbers increase from right to left (our system of base 10). Numbers do not increase the same way we read (left to right). This is the same way we add, multiply and subtract in math. We start from the numbers on the right and move left if you prefer to think of it that way.

With our usual system of base 10 numbers, each digit starts from "ones", then "tens", "hundreds" and so on moving from right to left. The same is with binary except that binary is only base 2. A 1 in the first position = 2^0 = 1. A 1 in the second position = 2^1 = 2 where each "one" is added for the final value. See below for examples.

Our base 10 system goes one more step by mulitplying each number as you go, expanding on the zeros and ones to zeros through nines:

5062 = 2*(10^0)+6*(10^1)+0*(10^2)+5*(10^3) = 5062

For a binary example, if there are 8 bits in a byte, we get the following possibilities:

00000000 = 0

00000001 = (2^0) = 1

00000010 = (2^1) = 2

00000011 = (2^0)+(2^1) = 3

and so on and so forth...

10101011 = (2^0)+(2^1) +(2^3)+(2^5)+(2^7)

= 1+2+8+32+126 = 171

and finally

11111111 = the sum of 2^n where n stands for the numbers 0 -> 7

= (2^0)+(2^1) +(2^3)+(2^4)+(2^5)+(2^6)+(2^7)+(2^8)

= 255

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How did the word rat become synonymous with informer?

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Why was the invention of cuneiform an important invention?

Cuneiform was an important invention as it is considered one of the earliest forms of written language. It started as a pictographic writing system, which means it was based on small pictorial representations versus abstract symbols like we use today. Overtime, cuneiform pictographs evolved and simplified into abstract characters before being replaced by alternative forms of written language. Still, cuneiform was used for two millennia and impacted how ancient civilizations did business and conducted trade.

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What is the name of a map that looks like a flattened globe?

It's called a "projection" and there are many different kinds.


Why was cuneiform used for?

It was used for many reasons but the main reasons are that they wanted to write down their calendar they wanted to improve in their math skills too.

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What is the difference between diaspora Indian writing in English and Indian writing in English?

When an Indian who has lived outside India for a reasonable period of time writes, it is the former. When an Indian living in India writes in English it is the latter. The place of residence naturally affects the way one writes, the language one uses etc.

The answer sums up about everything. The styles change with the experiences one have been through. So generally Indian diaspora write about their sense of displacement, their lives etc. While Indian Writing in English is Indian who have adopted English as a medium to write books.

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What three languages were written on the Behistun Rock?

Old Persian, Elamite, and Babylonian.


Was the Epic of Gilgamesh written in Cuneiform?

If Sumerian is considered to be cuneiform, yes.

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When did Einstein first begin talking?

Until a little after three.


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