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How did david ruffn of the temptations?

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Was Dennis Edwards an original member of the temptations?

no he was not a original member of the temptations he replaced david ruffin in 1968

How did David Ruffin get fired from the temptations?

He wanted to change the name to David Ruffin And The Temptations and always causing problems in the group

Are Tara of Temptations and David having a relationship?


Who played david ruffin in the temptations?

Leon Robinson

Who sang david ruffin in the movie the temptations?


What temptations performed with david ruffin and Eddie kendricks in 1982 on tour?

what is the names of the temptations whom performed with david ruffin and Eddie kendricks in 1982 during their last performances

Are David Venable and Tara of Temptations in a relationship?

Type your answer here... no

Why did David ruffin leave the temptations?

He didn't leave... He was fired

Who all were in the temptations?

I know the original members of The Temptations were Otis Williams,Paul Williams,Melvin Franklin,Eddie Kendricks,and David Ruffin.

Where are the original temptations from?

melvin, david,eddie, paul, have all died.

What are the names of all of the temptations?

Otis Eddie David Paul Melvin

Who sang vocals for david ruffins character in the Temptations movie?

Theo Peoples

Eddie kendricks and David Ruffin were lead singers with which Motown group?

The Temptations

When did david ruffin get kicked out of the temptation?

On June 9th,1968,Shelly Berger and the other Temptations fired David Ruffin.

What was the last song David Ruffin did with the Temptations?

I could never love another after loving you

When was The Temptations Do The Temptations created?

The Temptations Do The Temptations was created on 1976-08-16.

How did david rufman of the temptations die?

First of all, the name is David Ruffin. It is reported that he died of a crack overdose, in addition to other drugs.

Did melvin Franklin of the temptations have children?

Yes, he had 5 children; David Jr., Davette, Felicia, Niquos and LaRissa.

How did david ruffin of the temptations die?

He over dosed on cocaine Follow Me @Tuu_Dope on Twitter. I Follow Back <3

Who was the original member of the temptations?

otis williams, paul williams,melvin franklin,david ruffus,eddie kendrick

How many of the temptations were there?

Nine Temptations

When was The Temptations created?

The Temptations was created in 1960.

Who is jimmy ruffin?

he is the brother of the lead singer of The Temptations David Ruffin and he also had a hit song called "What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted"

How tall are the current members of the Temptations?

melvin franklin otis williams paul williams eddie kendricks david ruffin

What nickname did the temptations have?

The five heart beats................. i think The Only other nicknames that The Temptations had were "The Hitless Temptations" and "The Tempting Temptations"... The five heartbearts was a fictional movie...