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they made them better at hunting

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How did Maori clothe them self in the early Maori days?

flax and cloaks

What is the Maori name of one of the early migration canoes?

the Maori name of one of the early migration canoes is Aotea

Where was mostly found the precious rock that the early Maori hunted for?

The precious rock that the early Maori hunted for was pounamu, better known as jade. The Maori used the strong rock for weapons.

How did the early Maori settlers get Bone?

From whales.

How did maori pay for food?

Pre European days, maori were not familiar with money. They hunted for their food, grew their own crops and lived off what the land had to offer in terms of food sources. Europeans then came to nz and that's when monetary value was put on items such as land, food, and other items. In early times maori traded goods in lieu of money.

Who discovered mount ruapehu?

Undoubtedly the early Maori.

Did early maori celebrate birthdays?

Sometimes ... but not always !

Where are the Maori originally from?

Maori culture is unique to Aotearoa New Zealand. The ancestors of the Maori came from Polynesia in Early times, suggested around the 13th century.

Who named the waikato river?

The river was named by the Maori people long before Europeans arrived in the early 1800's. The name Waikato translates as "flowing water" (wai=water, kato=flowing).

Who were the early maori explorers?

Some early Maori explorers were men like Kupe, Ngahue, and Toi. They established a great tradition of explorers and adventurers from their native New Zealand.

What is the neanderthal lifestyle?

Early primitive.

What do you need to make a early Maori bird trap?

a stick

Where did early New Zealand explorers and settlers come from?

The early Maori came from Eastern Polynesia.

Why is matariki important to early maori?

Matariki is the Maori name for the group of stars also known as the Pleiades star cluster or The Seven Sisters; and what is referred to as the traditional Maori New Year.

Who were the early french settlers?


What did early European settlers uninternationally bring to NZ that caused the death of many Maori?

diseases such as measles, chicken pox, etc. Maori did not have the right medicine for these diseases, it wiped out many Maori.

What part of the moa did the early maori eat?

everything including the eyes

Was maori and greek gods were close and what was the history of them?

The Maori and Greek Gods were known to be close. This Gods were well known in the early modern era.

What is the first province in Canada was discovered by early Europeans?

Newfoundland was the first province to be discovered by early Europeans. Please don't erase what I put.

What were the origins and early development of the Indo-Europeans?

If this is for school it's probably in you book.

What is the Early Colonization?

it was when the europeans settled in australia

How did the early Europeans get their food?

hunting and gathering

What did the early Maori use flax for?

they used it for ketes, weapons, clothes and capes

When did colinization of the maori people occur in new zealand?

early to mid 1800.

What materials did early maori use to make the tools?

flax, stone, bonesc

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